Gotham Knights Solarium Lab Puzzle Solution

Case 7.2 of Gotham Knights will have players investigating the League of Shadows and try to figure out what was Talia doing in this lab. To help figure out the truth, we will guide players through the Solarium lab puzzle in Gotham Knights and uncover Talia’s plans.

How to solve Solarium lab puzzle in Gotham Knights

To start off, head to Arkham Asylum to see how Talia managed to improve Dr Langstrom’s research and what she was really after.

At the asylum, you will see a table with some chemical flasks and a computer on it. Interact with the serums made by Langstrom in the chemical tubes to start the puzzle.

Usually, puzzles are solved by connecting two things together and the same is the case here. You need to select a flask from the left side by pressing square on Play Station and X on Xbox. Then you need to select a container from the right in a similar fashion and then to confirm, press triangle on Play Station and Y on Xbox

Select the Pink Chemical/ Serum V24.07 (in 2nd position from left) and select Genetic Marker Group M (2nd position from right).

When you select these, a green checkmark will appear identifying these are the correct solution to Solarium Lab puzzle.

This will reveal that the League of Shadows was doing some sort of sonic tests on volunteers from the league itself.

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