Gotham Knights Pressure Plates Puzzle Solution

The Pressure Plates puzzle shows up in Gotham Knights that has you activate four plates in chronological order. Here's how.

The Gotham Knights doesn’t only offer thrilling gameplay but also requires you to utilize your intellectual skills sometimes. It has come up with the Pressure Plate puzzle. If you haven’t been able to solve the pressure plates puzzle yet, then give this guide a read to get quick solutions in Gotham Knights.

As you step inside the room, there will be four pressure plates on the floor with symbols or drawing on each plate. There will also be four paintings hanging on the wall. And there will be the dates under the painting and these are the dates when these Landmarks were built.

You will have to match the statues in the room with the building shown in the painting and then step on the plates in chronological order. It goes as 1836, 1841, 1842, and 1877.

Gotham Knights Floor Plates Solution

Pressure Plate #1

The first pressure plate you must press is the one with the owl symbol on it.

Pressure Plate #2

For the second pressure plate, you will have to head towards the one with a symbol of a volcano etched on it.

Pressure Plate #3

The third pressure plate will be on the left of the second plate and have the symbol of Talon.

Pressure Plate #4

The final and fourth pressure plate will have an owl symbol specifically the face of an owl in Gotham Knights. And by pressing it, you will complete the puzzle, leading to the opening of a secret door.

When you complete the puzzle, your exit point will open. However, if you fail, the puzzle will reset to allow you to try again.

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