Gotham Knights Pressure Plates Puzzle Solution

When you are not scratching your brains to search for clues, you will be trying to solve puzzles in Gotham Knights.

While progressing in Case 4.2 of the game, you will come across four pressure plates in front of four miniature replicas of various Gotham City landmarks. You have to step on the pressure plates in the right order to solve the puzzle. That is the only way to proceed.

The following guide will tell you the floor-plate puzzle solution in Gotham Knights.

In which order to press the floor plates in Gotham Knights?

The order in which you need to press the floor plates is based on the construction dates of each of the four Gotham City landmarks. You need to go from the oldest to the newest.

How will you know which landmark was built before the others? There are several pictures hanging from the walls in the rooms. Four of those pictures include the landmarks before you. These have their construction dates written on them.

For your ease though, the following image shows you the exact order in which the floor plates must be pressed.

Gotham Knights Floor Plates Solution

When you complete the puzzle, your exit point will open. However, if you fail, the puzzle will reset to allow you to try again.

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