Gotham Knights Court of Owls Puzzle Solution

During The Powers Club mission in Gotham Knights, players will interrogate The Penguin who reveals the main bad guys of the game, Court of Owls. In order to investigate this faction further, players will need to head to The Powers Club in Gotham Knights where ultimate they will encounter an owl puzzle (themed after the Court of Owls itself).

If you are struggling to solve the owl puzzle inside The Powers Club in Gotham Knights, allow us to guide you through this challenge.

How to solve the owl puzzle inside The Powers Club in Gotham Knights

Your task here is to make a mural of an owl on the wall to solve the puzzle. Activate the projector light by analyzing it. Rotate each piece by pressing the interact button on your controller as each piece has its own switch.

The good thing about the Court of Owls Puzzle is that there is no time limit to solve it. Changing the position of each piece will do different things to the mural mentioned below:

  • Rotating the first piece of owl on the table will change the direction of the claw of the mural.
  • The second owl piece on the table will change the direction of the body of the owl on the mural.
  • The third and fourth pieces will change the position of the wings of the owl on the mural.

Now that you know what each piece on the table does to the mural on the wall. Just remember that while you are changing the position of each piece, the final picture on the wall will face the right direction.

If you are getting confused about the direction of each piece, there is another easier way to solve the puzzle. There is a yellow line of light at the bottom of the table. Your task is to rotate each piece until the line of light gets through.

The science behind that is there are gears on the bottom of the table. When you rotate each piece, the gears on the bottom of the table will also move. And when the teeth of gears align, the line of light will pass through.

We have given the complete solution for you below, telling how many times each piece needs to be rotated. The order of pieces goes from closest to the spotlight being the first piece while the farthest being the fourth.

  • 1st piece (claws) – rotate 4 times
  • 2nd piece (body) – rotate 2 times
  • 3rd piece (wing) – rotate 1 time
  • 4th piece (wing) – rotate 2 times

The end result should look like this

Gotham Knights court of owl puzzle

If you follow all the instructions above regarding the gears, you will not need to worry about the direction of the piece and mural. As soon as the gears on the bottom of each piece align, the door will open automatically.

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