Gotham Knights: Vault Clues Locations Guide

When not pummeling criminals to a pulp, you will be searching for clues to solve crimes in Gotham Knights. Most of these detective sections are pretty straightforward but can be still a bit tricky.

For Case FR1.3 where you are going to infiltrate Mr. Freeze’s Quarts Lab Vault, there are three clues that you need to find. These might not be as obvious at first.

The following guide will tell you exactly where to look for the clues in the vault.

Clue locations in the lab vault

After entering the lab, you will come across the frozen scientist. To scan him hold Down on your D-Pad for consoles and the X key on PC.

Upon scanning him, you will come to know his name, Dr. Theodore Upshot, and the three other objects will be highlighted in gold. These are the other three clues that you need to scan to complete the quest.

For the first clue, look on the ground left of the scientist to pick up a notepad. Scan it to complete one of the three clues.

The second clue is a blueprint that can be found by turning left from the statue and seeing up at the wall. A destroyed blueprint will be highlighted.

The Dictaphone is the third clue that you can find by turning right from the frozen scientist and reaching up to the desk it is lying on. Interact with it to complete scanning all three of your clues.

After scanning all three clues, head towards the Upshot’s office and scan the area. You will discover a hidden compartment on the floor that contains the final item to complete your quest.

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