Gotham Knights: How To Interrogate Enemies

Gotham City has once again fallen prey to numerous criminal organizations and with Batman gone, it comes down to his Bat-family to clean up the alleyways.

One important gameplay mechanic that you will have to familiarize yourself with is the ability to interrogate enemies. It is not always wise to beat every criminal you find on the streets senseless. It is better to soften them up before interrogating them for useful information.

The information you gather through interrogation can help solve ongoing cases, mark important points of interest on the map, or give clues to your next possible objective.

The following guide will tell you how to interrogate the criminals of Gotham City in Gotham Knights.

Scan enemies to find the informant

It is important here to know that interrogation does not work on every enemy you find while patrolling Gotham City.

Every group of enemies you encounter could have a single informant amidst their ranks or not at all, so do not start beating up everyone you find because you might as well be losing a valuable informant.

What you need to do is scan your enemies before beating them to a pulp. You can mark enemies and then scan them by holding the X key on PC or Down on the D-Pad on a controller. Enemies that are informants will be marked with a question mark over their heads during scans.

Once you have found an informant, it is time to interrogate them for information. There are two ways to interrogate in Gotham Knights. You can either go all in and lower the health of the information to make them start talking.

You can also use stealth to sneak behind the informant before grabbing them for interrogation by holding down Tab on PC, pressing R2 on PlayStation, or pressing RT on Xbox.

Then press Q on PC, Triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox to start interrogating the informant.

Do note that nearby enemies can interrupt your interrogations. Hence, make sure to clear out all of the enemies except the informant or wait until the informant relocates to a secluded location before grabbing him.

There is also a meditating enemy glitch where your informant might be floating in the air. There is no known fix for it other than leaving the area and then coming back later.

Best characters for easy/fast interrogations

Stealth is probably the best way to interrogate enemies in Gotham Knights. Sneaking behind enemies make for a clean and silent interrogation worthy of Batman, the world’s greatest detective.

In that vein, Robin and Batgirl are the best heroes if you are looking to do stealth interrogations in Gotham Knights. Their abilities and skills give a boost to their stealthy movements and gameplay.

If you are planning for some action, Nightwing and Red Hood are the best for the said purpose. Their quick movements and strong attack combos can easily get the work done.

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