How To Get More Health Packs In Gotham Knights

One of the crucial consumables in Gotham Knights is health packs. Eliminating chaos around the city and fighting with foes...

One of the crucial consumables in Gotham Knights is health packs. Eliminating chaos around the city and fighting with foes could require some additional health sources. So, read on to know how to get Health Packs in Gotham Knights.

Where to find health packs in Gotham Knights

Health packs are quite necessary if you wish to complete missions without dying repeatedly. It is really hard to survive on low health. By clicking on the ‘PLUS’ icon on the left bottom of the screen, you can use health packs if you have any.

Each of the four heroes Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin are handed seven Health Kits before leaving for their night patrols.

The first way to get health packs is to return to Belfry. If you have completed the missions, by returning to Belfry, your health pack supply will be restocked when you leave Belfry the next night.

Understandably this option isn’t exactly useful if you still want to continue fighting crime that same night. You can also find Health Kits as drops while on patrol.

To find Health Kits while on patrol you must search for Ambulances. You can find chests close to them that contain Health Kits, open them to replenish your supply.

Ambulances are often found near crime scenes; however, you must know that staying for longer periods near the crime scene will result in the police attacking you. 

Ambulances are however inaccessible once you are inside a different location whilst a mission is in progress. In such a situation you are dependent upon the enemy drops.

Take out a large Brute for them to drop health kits. The Health Kit drop is indicated by a white health sign, that shows up beside the fallen enemy. Large Brute is the only enemy type that has a chance of dropping Health Kits.

You can find them committing crimes across Gotham city, so always take the opportunity to take them out.

So, it is always recommended to always keep an eye on how many health packs you have. This will help you decide your strategy against enemies. You will know exactly when to attack and when to defend.

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