How To Glide In Gotham Knights

You can glide over Gotham City in Gotham Knights just as in the previous Batman: Arkham games, albeit with a...

You can glide over Gotham City in Gotham Knights just as in the previous Batman: Arkham games, albeit with a little twist.

Firstly, the gliding ability is unique to each hero in the game. Secondly, it is not available at the start. You have to unlock it for each hero through their skill trees.

Read on to know how to glide in Gotham Knights.

How to unlock heroic travel in Gotham Knights

To unlock the Gliding game mechanic, you must complete the Knighthood challenges of the respective character to unlock the travel mode. You can find these mini-challenges at the Belfry’s training area.

Each character has a unique fast travel technique that you can access once you clear their respective Knighthood challenges.

The challenges for each character are similar, so clearing the rest after one should be simple.

You must complete the following challenges.

Timed Strike Challenge

The first challenge is simple and will require only a few minutes to complete. The mission can be completed inside the Belfry training area, providing you with valuable combat skills. 

One Step Ahead (stop 10 pre-meditated crimes)

This challenge requires you to go on patrol and prevent crimes. You must search for question marks over people’s heads and interact with them to extract information.

This challenge is a bit of a drill that can take some time to complete.

Against All Odds (take down 3x Enforcers)

This is the most time-consuming part of these challenges. It requires you to locate and take down three Enforcers. Finding them is the tricky part, so stay vigilant and search.

You may find them when completing the previous challenge or any other instance in the game.

Once the last challenge is completed, head to the Belfry and interact with Batman’s cowl to trigger a cutscene and unlock the Gliding ability.

How to glide in Gotham Knights

Something that needs to be clarified here is that only Batgirl has the ability to glide using her cape similar to how Batman did in the Arkham games. The rest of the heroes have their own traversal abilities that allow you to do heroic traveling but are not necessarily gliding.

To glide, you have to hold RT/R2 on PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X respectively.


Batgirl uses her Cape to glide. Like Batman’s glide from the Arkham series, hold the right trigger and guide your character in the desired direction.


Robin uses Teleportation to jump through portals. The ability can be tricky to use. When airborne, hold the right trigger, turning Robin blue. Now you have eight seconds to select a teleportation destination.

Red Hood

Red Hood uses a Mystical Leap to jump across magical platforms in the air. You, however, cover less distance for each platform.


Nightwing uses a Mechanical Glider or the Flying Trapeze. When airborne, hold the right trigger for the mechanical glider to appear. You can now guide it in the desired direction, similar to the cape glide.

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