Gotham Knights Batcycle Time Trial Locations Guide

There are time trials scattered all across Gotham City in Gotham Knights that can you attempt to complete with your...

There are time trials scattered all across Gotham City in Gotham Knights that can you attempt to complete with your Batcycle.

If it was not already obvious, these Batcycle time trials task you to reach the end of an obstacle course (of sorts) within the allotted time. Some of these trials can be quite frustrating because of the sluggish handling of the Batcycle against the twists and turns of the track. However, if you do manage to complete all of them in the game, you will unlock the Bat Out of Hell trophy/achievement.

You will unlock the first Batcycle time trial after completing Case 03: In the Shadows. Following that, you will unlock another time trial after completing the last one.

If you get a message that says “Too Many Ongoing Crimes” at the start of a time trial, you just need to solve ongoing crimes in the surrounding area.

There are a total of seven Batcycle time trials in Gotham Knights. The following guide will mark all of their locations on the map for your ease.

Batcycle Time Trials map locations

Location #1 – North Gotham

You can find the starting location where Chambers Street and Exhibition Avenue meet.

Location #2 – Otisburg

The second Batcycle Time Trial will be available after you complete the first one. Once you do that, travel to the headquarters in the Belfry.

You can find the location of the second time trial in Otisburg by going in front of the Monarch Tower where Atlantic Avenue and Scituate Street meet.

Location #3 – Old Gotham

In a similar fashion, you can only unlock the third Batcycle Time Trial after completing the previous, second one. This one is located in the Gold Gotham district. Its starting location is in front of the Gordon Memorial and Finger Avenue.

Location #4 – Tricorner Island

Once you are done with Old Gotham, return to the Belfry to unlock the fourth time trial in Tricorner Island. You will find its starting location in front of the Statue of Justice.

Location #5 – The Cauldron

The next time trial is located in the Cauldron. Head to the Dixon Docks in the district to find the starting point of the Batcycle activity.

Location #6 – Financial District

The second-last Batcycle Time Trial will take you to the Financial District. You can find its starting point by heading to Canal Street. Once again, you need to complete the previous, fifth time trial to unlock this one.

Location #7 – Bowery

The last Batcycle time trial in Gotham Knights is located in the Bowery district. Make your way to Crown Point Avenue to find the starting point of the side activity.

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