God of War Release Date PS4 Leaked Thanks To PlayStation Network Store

God of War release date seems to have leaked thanks to the PlayStation stores. Here is what we know about the God of War release date so far.

Till now at least two PlayStation stores (North America and Chile) have posted the new God of War Release Date for Ps4 as being the 22nd of March, 2018. This has resulted in much speculation with fans coming onto all platforms and making inferences as to whether this news is real or fake.

One speculation surrounding this news break is that the stated date falls on a Thursday which is not the norm for Sony video games. They’ve historically preferred either Tuesdays or Fridays. On the other side of this hot debate, fans believe that this God of War Release Date could be possible as the original God of War was released in North America on the 22nd of March, 2005. Thus it could be that Sony wants the God of War Release Date to be the same.

The only guaranteed information shared by the developers is that the game will be out in early 2018 and Google Cache, the PlayStation store had listed the God of War Release Date on the 31st of December, 2018. This however changed on the 3rd of this month making us believe that the changes were made mere days ago. With the Game Awards 2017 and PlayStation Experience 2017 coming up, it might be possible for Sony to put all rumors to rest by announcing God of War Release Date through that platform.

Until then all we can do is follow the news where it takes us and brings it to you as soon as possible. The rumor is bound to breakthrough all platforms soon and therefore create unwarranted speculation. Rest assured all feeds will be updated with information as soon as it is in the air.

ResetEra, a gaming community platform is hosting a debate in the comment section with fans giving a mixed reaction to this breaking news. Thanks, ResetEra!

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