How To Defeat Nidhogg In God Of War: Ragnarok

Nidhogg is one of the main story bosses of God of War: Ragnarok. She is an ancient dragon-like creature that...

Nidhogg is one of the main story bosses of God of War: Ragnarok. She is an ancient dragon-like creature that protects the roots of the World Tree at Odin’s behest.

Unlike the mini-bosses such as the Huntress and Alva, Nidhogg is a grander boss fight in a more traditional God of War style. You can expect Nidhogg to fill your screen with her scaly wings and all sorts of attacks that can make short work of you unless you are prepared.

The following guide will help you to defeat Nidhogg in God of War: Ragnarok.

Where to find Nidhogg

You will encounter Nidhogg during The Reckoning quest in the sixth chapter. This will be inside the Abandoned Village in Vanaheim, right next to Freya’s home.

Nidhogg will appear once you help Freya remove the Yggdrasil’s roots.

Best strategy to defeat Nidhogg

Although Nidhogg seems to be a large and visibly terrifying monster, topped off with an absolutely huge variety of attacks, it is still fairly easy to counter her provided that you understand all of her attacks.

You might notice that Nidhogg uses a lot of Bifrost attacks, but she is also weak to Burn – which makes our Blades of Chaos the perfect weapon.

The basic strategy is to wait for Nidhogg to attack first, counter if given the chance, and then use the staggering opportunity to land a few hits. If not staggered, you might notice that Nidhogg always lowers her head after an attack, which creates an opening for you to land a few headshots.

Although Nidhogg seems to have a fairly large health pool, it’s quite misleading because her health depletes very fast – especially if you use the Blades of Chaos.

Furthermore, after the first phase, Freya will help you in your fight against the beast. She will fire her blue Sigils at the Nidhogg. The blue areas marked on the beast by her Sigils indicate an area of vulnerability. If Kratos manages to land a hit there, the attack damage will be amplified.

Moreover, you can also take the time taken by Nidhogg to charge her tail during the Bifrost Explosion to attack her with the Shield Strike ability. This will stagger Nidhogg and allow you to land a few free hits.

Furthermore, if you want to predict what kind of attack it will pull off, you will notice that part of Nidhogg’s body glows blue. You can then prepare for that kind of attack accordingly.

Nidhogg rewards and loot

  • 1x Frozen Flame
  • Midgard’s Endurance enchantment
  • Root of the Problem trophy/achievement
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