How To Find All The Lost Pages In God Of War: Ragnarok?

The Lost Pages in God of War Ragnarok are crafting materials that will grant you 4 unique hilts. Here is how you can find them.

The Lost Pages are one of the many collectibles in God of War Ragnarok. There are four Lost Pages in total, and they are scattered across three realms, including Midgard, Alfheim, and Vanaheim. While there are only a few of these pages to collect, finding them can be quite difficult

This guide will review the locations of all 4 Lost Pages in God of War Ragnarök. We’ll also cover what rewards you can get from collecting them. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

Lost Page #1 (The Lost Treasury, Midgard)

The Lost Pages God Of War Ragnarok location 1

Head to the Lost Treasury in Midgard for the first Lost Page after completing the Sigrun’s Curse. You will need the one-half key to enter it.

You can get the keys by going to The Oarsmen Statue and The Derelict Outpost and passing through the Lost Treasury doors.

Climb up the chain to the top and look below from the edge to spot a breakable floor. Leap and break the floor to find one of the lost pages below. You will unlock the Lost Pages labor once you pick up the first Lost Treasure. This will help you keep track of your progress.

Lost Page #2 (The Barrens, Alfheim)

The Lost Pages God Of War Ragnarok location 2

Make your way to the elven structure in the northwest corner of The Barrens. You will find a Lost Page here next to a Legendary Chest and an Odin’s Raven.


The Lost Pages are unmissable and can be unlocked even after beating the game

Lost Page #3 (The Forbidden Sands, Alfheim)

There are two Lost Pages located in the Alfheim realm. For the second one, go to the Elven Sanctum in the eastern corner of The Forbidden Sands.

Inside will be the Elven Library, with several rooms and bookshelves to explore. You need to check the table on the left of the entrance. There will be a Lost Page on it.

Lost Page #4 (The Wishing Well, Vanaheim)

You must complete many tasks before getting the final Lost page of the game. You must reach the Crater, defeat the Asgardians to free Freyr, and then move to unlock the Scent of Survival.

After completing all those tasks, move toward the Northern area of Vanaheim and reach the Wishing Well. There are two ways to access the Wishing Well, one goes through the Jungle, and the other through the Sinkholes. You can use either to get your hand on the page.

Once inside the Wishing Well, you need to climb the wall and move toward the final entrance of the area. You will see the Lost page on the floor right before you.

How to Use the Lost Pages in God of War Ragnarok?

The Lost Pages can be used to craft four extremely strong relics: the Hilt of Dainsleif, Hilt of Angrvadall, Hilt of Ridill, and the Hilt of Tyrfing. Each relic requires a corresponding Lost Page and must be presented to either Brok or Sindri along with some Hacksilver to craft them.

You will also need four unique crafting ingredients found as drops by defeating certain minibosses. The materials are:

  • Skirnir’s Gambanteinn (defeat Gravel Belly)
  • Crackle of Bilskirnir (defeat Olaf Nautson)
  • Nar’s Cup (defeat Blatoon)
  • Svefnthorn (defeat Ormstrung)

Like all other hilts, the ones mentioned above can be upgraded to improve them in various ways. If you want to unlock the Collector trophy/achievement in the game for a 100-percent completion playthrough, you will need these last remaining Hilts.


In some cases, you may encounter a bug where the relic category does not show up when attempting to craft the last few hilts. This can be remedied by collecting all four Lost Pages again on an NG+ run.

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