God Of War: Ragnarok Lost Pages Locations

Finding all of the four Lost Pages in God of War: Ragnarok will allow you to craft the Hilt of Dainsleif, Hilt of Angrvadall, Hilt of Angrvadall, and Hilt of Tyrfing at the blacksmith.

If you are looking to unlock the Collector trophy/achievement in the game for a 100-percent completion playthrough, you will need these last remaining Hilts.

Keep in mind that the Lost Pages are not missable. You can still track them down after beating the game.

The following guide will tell you the Lost Pages locations in God of War: Ragnarok.

Lost Page #1 (The Lost Treasury, Midgard)

Head to the Lost Treasury in Midgard after completing the Sigrun’s Curse favor. You will then need the one-half key to enter the Lost Treasury.

Get the keys by going to The Oarsmen Statue and The Derelict Outpost and pass through the Lost Treasury doors.

Climb up the chain to the top and then look below from the edge to spot a breakable floor. Take a leap and break the floor to find one of the Lost Pages below.

Lost Page #2 (The Barrens, Alfheim)

Make your way to the elven structure in the northwest corner of The Barrens. You will find a Lost Page here next to a Legendary Chest and an Odin’s Raven.

Lost Page #3 (The Forbidden Sands, Alfheim)

There are two Lost Pages located in the Alfheim realm. For the second one, make your way to the Elven Sanctum in the eastern corner of The Forbidden Sands.

Inside will be the Elven Library with several rooms and bookshelves to explore. You need to check the table on the left of the entrance. There will be a Lost Page on it.

Lost Page #4 (The Wishing Well, Vanaheim)

You must complete many tasks before getting the final Lost page of the game. You must reach the Crater, defeat the Asgardians to free Freyr, and then move to unlock the Scent of Survival.

After completing all those tasks, move toward the Northern area of Vanaheim and reach the Wishing Well. There are two ways to access the Wishing well, one goes through the Jungle, and the other through the Sinkholes. You can use either to get your hand on the page.

Once inside the Wishing Well, you need to climb the wall and move toward the final entrance of the area. You will see the Lost page on the floor right in front of you.

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