God Of War: Ragnarok Chaos Flame & Chaos Spark Locations

The following guide will tell you where to find all Chaos Flames and Chaos Sparks in God of War: Ragnarok.

The Leviathan Axe may be a popular, new introduction in the franchise, but even its frosty powers cannot take away the love for the iconic Blades of Chaos in God of War: Ragnarok.

When you first start your journey, your Blades of Chaos will be enough to deal with all of the early-game enemies. However, as you enter new areas and realms with higher-level enemies, you will need to upgrade your Blades of Chaos to gain more power.

Since you will mostly be using your Blades of Chaos as your primary weapon throughout the storyline, it is important to understand how to upgrade and increase its overall power levels.

The following guide will tell you all there is to know about upgrading the Blades of Chaos in God of War: Ragnarok.

How to upgrade the Blades of Chaos?

You need to find Chaos Flames or Chaos Sparks to upgrade the Blades of Chaos. These upgrade resources are the only way to level up your weapon.

However, Chaos Flames are extremely rare to find in God of War: Ragnarok. Most of the time, you will be finding Chaos Sparks which are smaller fragments.

If you find six Chaos Sparks, you can fuse them together to form one Chaos Flame to upgrade your Blades.

The following is the amount of runic damage your Blades of Chaos will do at each level. During the mid-game, upgrading your Blade of Chaos becomes extremely important to do enough damage and unlock some important skills in your skill tree.

Blade of Chaos LevelRunic Damage
Level 1+10 RNC
Level 2+25 RNC
Level 3+40 RNC
Level 4+55 RNC
Level 5+70 RNC
Level 6+85 RNC
Level 7+100 RNC
Level 8+115 RNC
Level 9+130 RNC

Where to find Chaos Flames in God of War: Ragnarok?

You can loot a few Chaos Flames by just completing the main storyline. God of War: Ragnarok makes sure that your Blades of Chaos have enough levels to beat the endgame.

If you still want to increase your power levels, you will have to go off the beaten path to explore the side quests and additional challenges.

Chaos Flame #1 (Defeat Dreki)

Defeating Dreki, the crocodile-like monster boss, will give you a Chaos Flame for your efforts. You can find Dreki in The Forge during The Quest for Tyr.

Chaos Flame #2 (Defeat the Ancient Soul Eater)

You will face the Ancient Soul Eater inside the jungles of Vanaheim during The Reckoning quest in Chapter 6.

If you played through the 2018 God of War game, you will know how this enemy attacks. Defeat it again at Freyr’s Camp for another Chaos Flame.

Chaos Flame #3 (Complete the Crucible Trials)

You can unlock this particular Chaos Flame fairly early on in the game and is one not directly related to any main story missions. Regardless, there’s still a lot of stuff you need to do in order to get your hands on this one.

Firstly, you will have to complete the Forging Destiny quest. Secondly, you need to collect the two Muspelheim Seed Halves. Thirdly, you need to head over to the Muspelheim realm and complete six Crucible Trials.

Once you’ve got these three prerequisites down, you will unlock the Nornir Chest near the Crucible Mystic Gateway for a Chaos Flame.

Chaos Flame #4 (Defeat the Frost Phantom)

You can get another Chaos Flame by defeating the Frost Phantom while traveling through Midgard with Freya by your side, specifically in the main World of Fate storyline quest.

This is a fairly difficult foe to deal with. It has a protected health bar with a pulsating purple core. It primarily uses magic attacks and is also pretty quick with movements.

Chaos Flame #5 (Defeat the two Drekis)

These are twin Drekis that you encounter at Freya’s Camp in the main Creatures of Prophecy storyline quest. The fight against these Drekis is essentially the same as the first one, except this time, their coordinated attacks pose more of a threat.

Although the battle is hard at first, finishing off one of the Drekis first will make it very easy to finish the other one off. Once you defeat both of them, you will receive yet another Chaos Flame.

Chaos Flame #6 (Defeat the Soul Eater)

The Soul Eaters are the defenders of the realm, and with that title, we can assume that they won’t be so easy to deal with. You first encounter the Soul Eater after talking to Surtur in The Summoning main storyline quest.

The battle with the Soul Eater is a complicated one. They are essentially made of lava and have a central core, meaning that they will have a fairly large health pool, and also devastating attacks.

Moreover, when you’re occupied with the first one, another Soul Eater also appears mid-fight, and you’ll have to fight two of them at once.

You will receive a Chaos Flame after you defeat the Soul Eaters.

Chaos Flame #7 (Defeat Haklanger)

Complete the Return of the River favor to reach the broken bridge in the southern half of the Sinkholes in Vanaheim. You will find a Berserker Gravestone here that spawns Haklangr, the Bearded. Defeat him to get the final Chaos Flame in God of War: Ragnarok.

Take note that you will need to have the Fit for a King favor in order to interact with the Gravestones.

Where to find Chaos Sparks in God of War: Ragnarok?

When you reach Svartalfheim in the game, you will be able to take on the Born From Fire side quest.

Once you encounter the first Draugr mini-boss called The Hateful, you will start the quest to defeat all Draugrs across all realms.

Every time you find a Draugr Hole, interact with it to spawn a Draugr mini-boss that gives you a Chaos Spark upon death.

There are six Draugr Holes in God of War: Ragnarok. Clearing them all out will give you six Chaos Sparks to complete yourself a Chaos Flame.

Draugr Hole #1 (The Watchtower, Svartalfheim)

Your first encounter with the Hateful will happen early on in Svartalfeim. When you arrive in Svartalfheim, sail to the Watchtower island in the middle of the Bay of Bounty.

Climb to the other side of the tower and you will face the Hateful Draugr.

Draugr Hole #2 (The Applecore, Svartalfheim)

You will find your next Draugr Hole while doing The Quest for Tyr. The mines can be pretty confusing but if you are still on the quest, you are near to finding the Draugr Hole.

When you reach the main section of the mine, take the spiral path all the way to the top. Swing across the waterfall and go through the large wooden door below to find a Draugr Hole.

Draugr Hole #3 (The Barrens, Alfheim)

The next Draugr Hole is located in the Alfheim realm, which is unlocked after completing Groa’s Secret, the fourth chapter of the game. Initially, the Barrens area of Alfheim would be overrun by sandstorms, and it would not be possible to traverse through it.

Complete the Secret of the Sands side quest to stop the sandstorm in The Barrens. Then explore the western side of the desert to find another Dragur Hole on a small hill.

Draugr Hole #4 (Abandoned Village, Vanaheim)

You can find this Draugr Hole as soon as you arrive in Vanaheim. Head to the Abandoned Village northeast of the River Delta and swing across to find a new path behind a waterfall. You will find another Hateful mini-boss here.

Draugr Hole #5 (Midgard)

Head northeast of Tyr’s Temple close to King’s Grave and look under the cliff to find the next Draugr Hole in the game. Note that you will find this before entering King’s Grave.

Draugr Hole #6 (The Plains, Vanaheim)

You will have to complete several quests for the final Draugr Hole. After you unlock The Plains, complete Return of the River in the south. When you return to The Plains, you will find a boat to row to the middle of the river for the sixth Draugr Hole.

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