Best Skills To Unlock First In God Of War Ragnarok

If you are confused by the ability tree in God of War Ragnarok, allow us to suggest the best skills to unlock early in the game.

Like many other games, God of War Ragnarok presents its players with an extensive skill tree consisting of a hefty number of skills.

These skills are neatly divided into three different categories, which are available not only for Kratos’ weapons but also for his companions.

However, before you get overwhelmed, there are definitely abilities in God of War Ragnarok that you should focus on unlocking first since it’ll make your first few hours in the game a lot more fun.

If you are confused by the ability tree in God of War Ragnarok, allow us to make things easier for you and suggest the best skills to unlock early in the game.

Best Leviathan Axe skills to unlock first

Initially, Ragnarok does not provide the players with a lot of options to work around with, therefore the skills available for unlocking are very limited.

The only skills you can unlock are for the Leviathan Axe and Atreus, but after completing the first hour of the game, the player obtains the Blades of Chaos, unlocking another category you can play around with.  

Glacial Rake

This is a fairly powerful skill that can be unlocked fairly quickly in GoW Ragnarok. The skill only requires you to spend 750 XP, which is totally worth it considering the short amount of wait.

To use this ability, hold R1, and Kratos will drag his Leviathan Axe through the ground, sending forward a shockwave of ice. It also applies frost onto the enemies, while also hitting multiple targets in its path.  


The Permafrost is an amazing skill to learn for the Leviathan Axe fairly early on in the game, unlocking at level 2 for 500 XP.

With this skill in action, Kratos steadily begins to build up frost damage while striking foes with the Leviathan Axe. After maxing out the Permafrost meter, press L1 and Triangle simultaneously to activate the skill and bump up the damage for all of the Leviathan Axe’s attacks, all while inflicting Frost for a short duration.

Serpent’s Snare

Another totally worth-it skill for the Leviathan Axe you should keep a lookout for is the Serpent’s Snare. However, unlike the last two skills, this one costs 1000 XP, but the ability acquired through this skill makes it totally worth it.

To use this ability, hold R2 to unleash a brutal Axe attack, that throws enemies, creating an explosion of frost. The explosion also damages the enemies nearby, launching them into the air. 

Evasive Storm

This skill would probably be the most used among players who like to keep at a distance and evade most attacks. The Evasive Storm is the perfect tool for that, unlocking at weapon level 1 and for 500 XP.

With this skill unlocked, Kratos will be able to pull off a ranged counterattack with his Leviathan Axe. You will be able to use it only while evading backward – by pressing X and shifting the L Stick down. Then press R1 and Kratos will throw the Leviathan Axe towards the enemy like a boomerang as it will come flying back after hit.

Vengeful Sickle

The Vengeful Sickle is another ranged ability for the Leviathan Axe much like the previous one. It also unlocks at weapon Level 1 and for 500 XP but is more of an offensive skill than a defensive one.

This skill requires you to hold R1 to aim the Leviathan Axe and charge it up. Kratos will then throw the Leviathan Axe, which will slice through the air and hit the enemy multiple times on a single through, all while staggering them as well for further follow-up close-range strikes.

Best Blades of Chaos skills to unlock first

Hyperion Grapple

This is one of the best skills the player can unlock when they first obtain the Blades of Chaos in GoW Ragnarok. It’ll only cost the player 750 XP, and it is recommended to unlock this skill first, before moving on to the other skills.

To use this skill, hold R1 while aiming, and Kratos will launch himself toward his opponent, stunning them. It also allows Kratos to close the distance between enemies using long-range weapons, helping eliminate them at a moment’s notice.

Blazing Explosion

This skill is an all-rounder one – specializing in both 1v1s and in fighting many enemies at once. It is unlocked at weapon level 1 but comes at an expensive cost of 1000 XP.

Such high of a cost is still worth it though, as it gives adds variety to your playstyle which is very important early on in the game. The Blazing Explosion Skill allows Kratos to impale multiple enemies with Burning Surge by holding L1 followed by pressing R2.

While doing so, the Blades of Chaos will emit a flaming pulse that deals Burn damage to enemies. Moreover, by holding R2 after activating the Skill, Kratos will throw on of the blades towards an enemy to deal double the amount of damage.

Chaotic Rampage

This particular ability focuses more on close-range, head-on combat, prioritizing high damage directly to a singular enemy. Most of the skills already prioritize AoE damage to multiple enemies, but this skill is perfect for fighting bosses or any enemies with a large health pool. It’s unlocked at weapon level 1 and costs a decent 750 XP – quite affordable for a skill holding this much potential.

When holding R1, Kratos will use the Blades of Chaos to launch a flurry of attacks targeted at a singular enemy – each dealing a large amount of damage on impact.

Vaporize Frost

Early on in the game, you will encounter many Frost enemies that are susceptible to fire damage like Phantoms. Rather than upgrading the overall melee damage slowly, it’s better to invest in a skill that does the same job with a one-time cost. Unlocking at level 1 and for a minimal amount of 250 XP, the Vaporize Frost is the perfect Skill for that.

The Vaporize Frost skill allows Kratos’s Blades of Chaos to permanently increase melee damage dealt to Frosted enemies.

Rushing Chaos

This skill holds the potential to inflict a massive amount of damage to enemies using heavy attacks. Unlocking at weapon level 1 for a fairly affordable amount of 500 XP, the Rushing Chaos skill allows Kratos to unleash a combination of swirling attacks using the Blades of Chaos to hit enemies multiple times off the sprint.

To use this ability, sprint toward an enemy and press R1 to leap at them and start attacking. 

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