Best Shield In God Of War: Ragnarok

Even someone like Kratos, a famed Spartan warrior as well as a former Greek god of war, needs to defend...

Even someone like Kratos, a famed Spartan warrior as well as a former Greek god of war, needs to defend himself against the many enemies standing in his path in God of War: Ragnarok.

For that purpose, you will have access to a total of five Shields while trying to prevent Ragnarok from taking place. Each features its own unique perks and upgrades, and thanks to the new Shield attachments, you can tailor all of the available Shields to your own playstyle or preferences.

However, which one of them is the best Shield to rely on in God of War: Ragnarok? Well, there are actually two shields that perform equally well in battle, and hence both of them are ranked as the best – Shatter Star and the Stone Wall. Keep reading to know more.

Shatter Star Shield

The Shatter Star Shield is considered the best shield in the game as it has the most offensive potential. This shield is an all-rounder – providing great defense as well as offense.

Even though it is a shield, in some cases, it packs more of a punch on the offensive side.

The Perk that comes with the Shatter Star shield is called the Shield Punch. The perk activates when you press Block (L1) twice and knocks back enemies in front of you.

This knockback is even stronger when the perk is fully charged. You can charge it up by holding L1. If you actually block an attack, however, the amount of charge will decrease.

To use this perk most efficiently, use it right before the enemy starts attacking you. Doing this will absorb all of the damage and convert that into charge.

Do note that this perk has a greater effective range than any other shield strike.

Best Shatter Star Shield attachment

The best attachment to go with the Shatter Star shield would be one that amplifies its offensive potential even further. In that case, the Rond of Affliction would be the top choice.

With this attachment equipped, any Shield Punch you pull off will come with an elemental explosion whenever it is used on an enemy afflicted with any status ailment.

It will remove the status from that particular enemy, however, but will deal massive amounts of damage. Moreover, it will also spread the said ailment to all of the surrounding enemies.

That, with the extensive range of the Shield Punch, allows you to heavily impact a lot of the enemies in the area, while also allowing you to chain these explosions.

How to get the Shatter Star Shield

You can find the Shatter Star Shield in a Legendary Chest in The Abandoned Village, Vanaheim.

You will need to head south from the Jungle until you reach close to the waterfall. Then make your way north until you come across the wide gap between two huts. Complete the little puzzle to cross the gap to find the chest.

Stone Wall Shield

Over the course of the game, you’ll be fighting a variety of unique enemies – both powerful and weak. Regardless, your encounters with them won’t be that pretty. You will have to focus on your defense just as much as your offense.

Especially when you’re fighting stronger or newer enemies that you don’t know the moveset of – you’ll need to keep your shield close at all costs. The best shield, in that case, would be the Stone Wall Shield as it allows you to effectively block pretty much all attacks.

Some of the yellow ring attacks called the guard-break attacks, cannot be guarded by most other shields except the Stone Wall shield, hence making it one of the best out there – almost completely negating the need to parry or dodge.

The Stone Wall shield comes with a perk called the Shield Slam. This perk can be used by pressing the Block key twice. It allows Kratos to knock back smaller enemies and stun bigger ones.

However, in order to use this perk, you must first charge up the gauge by blocking multiple attacks. The perk can only be used once it’s fully charged.

Best Stone Wall Shield attachment

Since you would be using the Stone Wall shield to block all of the attacks heading your way, the Rond of Fortification attachment would go best with it.

This attachment has the potential to turn your defense into offense, drastically improving your chances to damage enemies just by blocking their attacks.

You need to hold down L1 for a few seconds to activate this attachment’s buff. Once it’s activated, it will inflict Stun onto nearby enemies on a larger scale when using the Shield Slam perk or block incoming attacks.

The special thing about this attachment is that to use its buff, you don’t even have to block incoming attacks – just holding the shield up for a few seconds will do the trick. 

How to get Stone Wall Shield

Like the Dauntless Shield, you can choose to get the Stone Wall Shield for free by completing the Surviving Fimbulwinter quest.

If you want to craft it later on, you will need 1x Slag Deposit and 750x Hacksilver.

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