God Of War: Ragnarok Best Shield To Use

Even someone like Kratos, a famed Spartan warrior as well as a former Greek god of war, needs to defend himself against the many enemies standing in his path in God of War: Ragnarok.

For that purpose, you will have access to a total of five Shields while trying to prevent Ragnarok from taking place. Each features its own unique perks and upgrades, and thanks to the new Shield attachments, you can tailor all of the available Shields to your own playstyle or preferences.

However, which one of them is the best Shield to rely on in God of War: Ragnarok? Keep reading to know more.

The best Shield to unlock in God of War: Ragnarok

Every Shield in the game is designed to cater to a specific playstyle. If you are able to do perfect parries, consider picking up the Dauntless Shield which gives you both defense and offense as part of a lethal combination in the game.

Its Shield Bash perk is designed to do massive stun damage as long as you are able to successfully parry enemy attacks back to back. The perk works in two parts.

Equip the Dauntless Shield and press Block to parry an attack. If the parry is successful, the enemy will be stunned and your next Shield Bash attack will be amplified.

Now, double tap Block to do a Shield Bash for high stun damage. Keep parrying to increase your Shield Bash damage to make short work of meaty enemies.

How to get the Dauntless Shield

You will have the option of getting the Dauntless Shield for free after completing Surviving Fimbulwinter. It is one of the early-game quests, meaning that you can start practicing your parries early on in God of War: Ragnarok.

You can also craft the Dauntless Shield at the blacksmith using 1x Slag Deposit and 750x Hacksilver.

The only problem with the Dauntless Shield is that you have a short window to time a perfect parry. The fact is that if you find it hard to parry enemies, you should consider switching to another Shield such as the Stone Wall Shield.

The Stone Wall Shield is more about blocking than parrying. Its Shield Slam perk allows you to build up a charge by absorbing damage from blocking enemy attacks. When the perk is fully charged, double tap Block to do a Shield Slam to launch enemies in the air for follow-up attacks.

How to get the Stone Wall Shield

Like the Dauntless Shield, you can choose to get the Stone Wall Shield for free by completing the Surviving Fimbulwinter quest.

If you want to craft it later on, you will need 1x Slag Deposit and 750x Hacksilver.

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