How To Defeat Alva In God Of War: Ragnarok

Alva is a light elf boss that you will encounter early on in God of War: Ragnarok.

She wields two swords that will make quick work of you. Her movements and attacks are incredibly fast. She can easily charge to drain your health before you can move.

Knowing how to defeat Alva is important because you will be facing a lot of light elves later on in the game. Sometimes two or even three at a time.

The following guide will explain all of her attacks and abilities in God of War: Ragnarok.

Alva’s location

You will face Alva in the Temple of Light in the Alfheim realm. This will be during the Groa’s Secret quest, the fourth chapter of the game. She will be waiting for you as you make your way down the Temple.

Alva’s attacks and moves

Twin Sword Slam: Alva slowly spins her blades before slamming the ground to send a blinding shockwave toward you. The speed of her spinning blades is how you know a Twin Sword Slam is coming.

This attack can be interrupted using a Shield Bash.

Lunging Slashes: Alva rapidly spins her blade before lunging forward to do two quick slashes. As mentioned before, keep an eye on her blades. If they are spinning rapidly, be ready with your defense because Alva can cover a lot of ground with this attack.

This attack can be blocked or parried.

Spinning Rush: Alva raises her blades before unleashing two quick slashes. This is another attack where she can close the gap quickly. However, Spinning Rush has a considerably long winding animation.

This attack can be blocked or parried.

Upward Slash Combo: Alva fuses both of her blades together for a forward thrust. She will then do an overhead slash.

You can only block the initial thrust. The overhead slash is unblockable, so make sure to dodge out of the way.

Twinblade Sword Slam Combo: Alva fuses her blades again for three quick slashes before doing an unblockable shockwave.

You can block the first two slashes before parrying the third slash to stop Alva from doing the unblockable shockwave.

Twinblade Throw: Alva merges her blades in the air to throw at you like a boomerang.

This attack can be parried.

Cross Blade Shot: Alva crosses her blades before launching an unblockable projectile at you.

This attack cannot be blocked or parried. You can only dodge it.

How to beat Alva

Alva uses a lot of unblockable attacks. Whenever you see a blue ring indicator, it means she is about to do an attack that cannot be blocked or parried. Make sure to do a Shield Bash (tap L1 twice) to interrupt and open her up for a counterattack.

Most of her combo attacks end up with an unblockable attack. What you can do is block the initial attacks before rolling out of the way. Do not try to block or parry the combo-ending attack.

Since Alva is lightning quick, you can use your Frost Awaken buff to slow her down. This will give you enough room to plan your next move. In addition, do not forget about Atreus and his bow. Whenever Alva moves back for her ranged attacks, command Atreus to keep shooting his arrows at her.

Alva’s rewards and loot

  • 500x Kratos XP
  • 335x Atreus XP
  • Frozen Flame (Leviathan Axe upgrade)
  • Round of Expedition (Shield attachment)

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