God Of War Combat Compared to Dark Souls by Director

God of War is around the corner with the release date set to be 20th April next month. The hype is real as we get closer to the return of Kratos. To build this hype, Sony and Santa Monica just released a 15 min gameplay footage for the game and talked about the similarity between Dark souls and God of War.

In the video, Jason Macdonald – gameplay designer for God of war started by talking about the power dream of Kratos and how keeping up that perspective was vital in the up and coming action adventure game. At that point, Cory Barlog, the Creative Director behind the game, said the two most punctual choices for the diversion: not influencing God of War an open-world to diversion and not just impersonating Dark Souls.

He continued by saying, “We would prefer not to simply copy Dark Souls, as much as we prefer that game. There is somewhat this intriguing circle within it that we needed to catch”.

They kept on talking about basic decision-making battle, which might be the fascinating circle Barlog specified, and it even appears that the battle of Dark Souls could be one reason that leads the group far from the past hack-and-slash installments of the game to its new more extensive battle style.

With Major changes like the graphics and combat style of the God of War will definitely make the game look so beautiful on the PS4 Pro as seen in the video.

Good news for the people who want to upgrade to PS4 Pro or just want to Play God of War at its full settings, now they can with Exclusive PS4 Pro God of War bundle and Editions on its release, which makes the God of war look absolutely beautiful in 4k.

This long-awaited sequel is about the new journey based on Norse mythology whereas previous games were based on Greek. In this game Kratos is teaming up with his son named Atreus, Kratos acts as a mentor and protector to his son. The game is filled blood and violence like the games before.

For the time being, players can foresee the forthcoming games combat to have a few likenesses to Dark Souls, which is a comparison frequently made, yet not generally satisfied. The hype is building up each day as we get to the release day on  April 20, 2018.

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