God of War 4 Progression System Is Being Modified

The God of War 4 progression system is likely going to be changed a great deal before the game comes out, helping with the game's new mechanics.

Ever since God of War 4’s reveal at Playstation’s E3 conference, a lot of questions have been popping up about the game. Now, Sony Santa Monica is diving into the God of War 4 progression system to tell us how we can expect our old friend Kratos to level up as we play.

The new progression system promises to be a lot more flexible, focusing not just on Kratos but also his son, who we got to meet in the E3 footage. Considering how the boy does during that trailer, he definitely needs it.

The new God of War 4 progression system will be able to allow players to tailor their own build for Kratos to be different from someone else’s, rather than Kratos just constantly leveling up and getting the same abilities for everyone.

This new adjustment is likely fitting in even more with the way that God of War 4 is structured, not just via the third-person over-the-shoulder camera but also what may be an open world to run around in.

Kratos also now possesses a different weapon, a magic axe, that promises a new way of weapon progression rather than the Blades of Olympus that became his most remembered weapon.

The possibility of Kratos’s son also getting a progression tree could also turn the game from a standard adventure into a sort of coming-of-age story. The boy that we saw in the trailer is a generally incompetent hunter and not a very good shot with a bow, either.

Impatient and reckless, and also squeamish, if rumors are true it would be hard to think that this boy may actually be a Norse god-in-training.

There’s no telling when God of War 4 will release, but hopefully we’ll get a video soon from Santa Monica so that we can see the God of War 4 progression system for ourselves.

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