Goat Simulator – How To Unlock All Goat Characters

Find out how you can unlock all goat characters in Goat Simulator.

Goat Simulator allows you to unlock a plethora of unique and goofy characters. Unlocking different characters requires completing certain tasks including collecting objects and performing certain tasks. These characters not only provide you with a different animal to play as but they also have unique perks.

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can unlock every character in Goat Simulator, including their tasks and objectives.

Tall Goat (Giraffe Goat)

To unlock the Giraffe Goat, simply collect 5 Golden Goats.

Feather Goat (Ostrich Goat)

Collect 10 Golden Goats to unlock this character with a unique jumping skill.

Giant Goat (Whale Goat)

Collect 20 Golden Goats and shower everyone with water using this character.

Space Goat (Alien Goat)

The Alien Goat can be unlocked by collecting all Golden Goats.

Angel Goat

After you spawn, don’t move for five minutes to unlock the Angel Goat.

Devil Goat

To unlock the Devil Goat, you will have to bring five bodies to the Pentagram Circle.

Queen Goat

Summon other goats to you by sitting on the Throne on Fire inside the Tower with a Spiral Staircase to unlock the Queen Goat.

Ripped Goat

Removing all goats in the Fighting Arena in the fields will unlock the Ripped Goat.

Robot Goat

To unlock the Robot Goat, gather two Sanctum Statues. One is inside the second floor of the Spiral Tower, and the other one is inside a brown house near your spawning location. Next, grab the Robot from the hanging container and bring all these things to the Pentagram Circle in the forest.

Classy Goat

Collect 30 Golden Goat Trophies to unlock the Classy Goat and turn your goat into a penguin.

Shopping Goat

Get 20 Golden Goat Trophies to unlock the Shopping Goat and turn your goat into a shopping cart.

Rocket Skate Goat

Collect 30 Golden Goat Trophies to acquire and activate rocket skates on your goat.

Uncle Goat (Spider Goat)

Get this mutated goat from Uncle Fred’s Workshop at the Goat City Bay. Inside the workshop, you will see a blue crystal inside a container; make your goat lick the object to gain a grappling tongue.

Builder Goat

Locate the 3 Minecraft blocks to unlock Builder Goat. The cobblestone block will be near the graveyard, the dirt block will be up the hill on the right side of the three boulders of death, and the wooden block will be across the water from the theme park.

Deadgoa7 Goat

Find DeadMau5 at the top of the skyscraper and lick him to unlock DeadGoa7.

Repulsive Goat

Go to the water level, next to the bridge, and enter the sewer to get the repulsive goat.

Tornado Goat

Bring the tornado sculpture to the wind alter between the skate park and the dam to unlock the Tornado Goat.

Hitchhiker Goat

To unlock the Hitchhiker Goat, make your way to the skyscraper, where you will find a towel with 42 written on it. Bring that towel to the crashed UFO near the dam.

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