Ghost of Tsushima The Walls of Yarikawa Walkthrough

This Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough will cover The Walls of Yarikawa story quest as you sneak into the fortress with Yuna and Taka

This Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough will cover The Walls of Yarikawa story quest. This is mission becomes unlocked after completing A New Horizon story quest and it revolves around Jin traveling with Yuna and Taka as the trio sneaks past Mongols. We will cover each objective in The Walls of Yarikawa in detail.

Ghost of Tsushima The Walls of Yarikawa

Meet Yuna near Yarikawa Stronghold
Head to the survivor camp by the stronghold and listen to the conversation between Yuna and Taka. Then you should get on a horse and travel with them towards the stronghold on horseback.

Along the path, you will spot a Mongol patrol heading straight towards town. The trio will wait for them to pass before proceeding onwards.

Continue up the path heading right upwards and you will finally come across the fortress.

Infiltrate the Fortress
The trio will gather on the hill adjacent to the Yarikawa fortress, and you must look around for a way to sneak in. Specifically, you must look at the secret entrance by the white tree and press X.

Yuna and Taka will recount that they used this passageway as children before the heroes’ sneak in.

Silently Lead Yuna and Taka to the secret passage
You must get through this area without being detected by enemies or else you will fail the mission. This means you need to focus on sneaking around rather than engaging in combat.

Head down from the small hill where there is Mongol working at a wagon.  This is the only opponent you should take down since he will not be detected by others.

Killing other enemies will result in them being discovered and will result in a mission failure.

There is a solider that will move around the camp on his horse and you must avoid being seen by him.

Wait for him to move to the right and then quickly move across to the other side. Squeeze through the gap and head to the right to get around the enemies to your left. Move towards the river and jump in.

Move right as you make your way along the riverbed for a while. You will come across a waterfall which hides the secret passage to the Yarikawa fortress. So go through it to enter the tunnel.

Head to The Main Gate of Yarikawa Stronghold
Head through the tunnel and you will be able to collect 4x leather along with 5x supplies. Your allies will note that the secret pathway is being put to good use.

Climb up the ladder and the trio will be stopped by guards. Once they have been convinced that you are here to stop the Mongols, they will ease up.

You must then follow them as they lead you to the fortress entrance.

A cutscene will play in which Mongol general Temuge will attempt to get the fortress inhabitants to surrender.

Move towards the stairs and speak with Ujimasa, the ruler of the fortress.

Go to Taka at The Swordsmith’s Shop
Head inside the fortress and go to the swordsmith’s shop. Taka will be there and this will mark the end of the quest.

Finishing The Walls of Yarikawa mission will reward you with a Legend increase and will unlock The Coward of Yarikawa quest.