Ghost of Tsushima Shadow of the Samurai Walkthrough

This guide will take you through the Shadow of the Samurai mission in Ghost of Tsushima to scale the castle and rescue Lord Shimura

Shadow of Samurai is the mission that you will get to after completing The Iron Hook quest. Here we have prepared a detailed Ghost of Tsushima Shadow of the Samurai walkthrough that will guide you step by step through the whole mission as you prepare and attack Castle Kaneda. So, let’s jump into it.

Ghost of Tsushima Shadow of the Samurai

Meet with Yuna
First you will meet with Yuna at Komatsu Forge and some cutscene will appear and the mission will start formally and then talk to all the allies as well.

After that, go to the farmhouse and speak with Yuna to start your attack on Castle Kaneda.

Infiltrate Castle Kaneda
Now you have to use grappling hook through cliffs and get inside the castle. Go to the marked cliff and start climbing. Once you are inside the castle, you have to be sneaky and find the Mongol alarm without raising suspicion or alarm.

Try to clear your path by taking the enemies by surprise and killing them stealthily. You must try that nobody sees you.

Find the Mongol alarm
As you make your way to the inside of the castle you will see the alarm as well as enemies guarding the alarm.

Kill the guards without raising the alarm. As you kill the guards, your allies will also get to you through the other side.

Get to the Bridge
Now you do not have to be sneaky and you can walk straight ahead with your allies, while killing every Mongol on your way.

There, you will meet Masako as well. Yuna and others will go to the other side while you and Masako will go to the courtyard up ahead. Get in the courtyard and kill everybody there.

After talking with Masako, now is the time to get to the bridge and on the way, Yuna will be waiting for you.

Now after killing everybody, proceed to the main bridge where you were thrown off at the start of the game.

You will find that the gate is locked, and you will have to use the grappling hook on the cliff to the left side to get across the gate. After getting inside, open the gate for Yuna and then clear the whole area of enemies.

Face the boss “Ryuzo”
After killing everybody in the area, go further up to the next courtyard to face the boss of this Act and mission, “Ryuzo”. A cutscene will appear and then the fight with Ryuzo will start.

The fight is not that difficult if you stick with the basics. Try to overwhelm the enemy just from the start. You only need to dodge the big attacks and then keep on attacking. It will be quick as you defeat him.

After a cutscene, Ryuzo will run away and now you have to kill all the Mongols coming towards you.

Save Lord Shimura
After killing those Mongols, go through the bridge to the inner side of the keep where you will face some more enemies. Kill them all and get inside from the main gate.

Here you will have a standoff, hold triangle and get a successful standoff. For more on how to have a successful standoff, see our “Standoff Guide”.

After the standoff, kill the remaining enemies as well. After killing the enemies in the main hall, go upstairs from the left and you will have more enemies in a room.

Kill them as well and then climb to the top floor. Rescue Lord Shimura and then you will be outside the keep again, fighting more enemies.

Follow Lord Shimura
After that, just follow Lord Shimura and kill all the enemies in your way. Then regroup with allies and fight all the enemies coming.

After killing all the enemies, a cutscene will appear and your mission Shadow of the Samurai will be done.