Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Leaks Online – Looks Incredible

Leaked Ghost of Tsushima gameplay footage appears online showing how beautiful the game is in action. The world is even more vivid in action.

Saying that Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful game is clearly an understatement. Sucker Punch is releasing one of the most lifelike worlds in a few days. Someone streamed some bits of the game last night on Twitch, resulting in fans grabbing some videos to show the world. Undeniably, the leaked Ghost of Tsushima gameplay gives us one more reason to be excited.

The leaked footage from Ghost of Tsushima containing gameplay was uploaded to ResetEra by user Dlanor A. Knox. The user claimed that someone was streaming the game on Twitch and he/she managed to get some brief videos of that playthrough. You can see those videos below here. Note that they might contain spoilers. If you don’t want to ruin your first playthrough, you may not want to click on the link.

So what should you expect when you start the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay on July 17th? For starters, you get an amazingly built world, full of different types of fauna, dynamic lighting, and crisp animations. Fighting in Sucker Punch’s game looks like the smoothest samurai battling yet, while the finisher slow motion is satisfying, to say the least.

At some parts of the videos, you can see some weird ragdoll physics. However, this doesn’t mean that there will be any issues with the game when it releases. Sucker Punch has already announced two big updates on launch day. Those will optimize the game both in localization and performance as soon as it hits the shelves.

Ghost of Tsushima releases exclusively on Playstation 4 on July 17th. Note that you’ll need at least 50GB of free space in order to download the digital version, so you might want to check when preloading starts in order to play as soon as it releases. As for Sucker Punch, the studio might already be working on their next project as their listings suggest.

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