Ghost of Tsushima Black and White Dye Merchant Locations

Want to truly stand out in monochrome? This guide will give you the location of Black and White dye merchants in Ghost of Tsushima

Our Ghost of Tsushima White and Black Dye Merchants’ Locations guide gives a comprehensive look-over on all the steps that you need to take to find both of these merchants so that you don’t waste your time searching every nook and cranny of the game’s map.

Ghost of Tsushima Black and White Dye Merchant

There are assorted colors associated with dyes in Ghost of Tsushima and you can get your hands on all of these dyes except the white and the black ones by visiting different merchants across the whole map.

The white and the black dye can be purchased only from the White and Black Dye Merchants respectively, and finding them can be a real headache.

By getting access to these merchants, you will not only increase the range of colors for your gear but also, acquire the Monochrome Masters Hidden Trophy.

The White Dye Merchant
As soon as you are allowed access to the open world at the start of Act 1, you can find the White Dye Merchant in Izhura where he is encamped on a small mountain up North.

His location will also appear as a question mark on the map once you have defeated the Mongols nearby that mountain.

To get to him, you can take the roads from the West or make a climb up to the mountain from the East. Once there, talk to him to gain access to his stuff.

The White Dye Merchant sells his white dye for Longbow, Pure Intent Headband, and the following armors: Traveler’s Attire, Ronin Attire, Kensei Armor, and Gosaku’s Armor.

The Black Dye Merchant
You can find the Black Dye Merchant in a cave with bamboo covering between Urashima’s Village and Kawamata Village in Toyotoma.

His location will also appear as a question mark on the map once you have gotten rid of the Mongols around that area.

The Black Dye Merchant sells black dye for Half Bow and the following armors: Tadayori’s Armor, Traveler’s Armor, Sakai Clan Armor, Gosaku’s Armor, Ghost Armor, and Kensei Armor.

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