Gears 5 Quitters Get Banned For Almost Two Years

Gears 5 already feels much cleaner after aggressive penalties were deployed a couple of days back to root out rampant quitters. Naturally, as it so always happens, players who were rightly banned during this brief period have started feigning innocence. The Coalition, though, is not one to mess around with.

Yesterday, user “NoLifeDGenerate” shared a screenshot on Reddit to confirm that he was banned in Gears 5 for nearly two years. He made it sound like the ban happened after quitting one or two matches at most, while also taking jabs at The Coalition for failing to implement a proper and just penalty system.

In response, director of communications Dana Sissons took him to school. The account in question turned out to be a rampant quitter, having quit 18 out of 21 matches played in Escalation mode in the last day alone. Suffice to say, the ban will remain and he will no longer be ruining Gears 5 for others.

In similar fashion, a few more players tried acting the part in hopes of getting their ban lifted. Sissons made sure to take them to the cleaners as well. Another account that was banned for nearly two years turned out to be a chronic case.

The Coalition sent out an announcement earlier today that the year-long bans are for players who have been consistently quitting matches in Gears 5. In addition, the bans were placed after accounting for prior behavior. However, the developer has decided to give them a second chance. Over the weekend, players who were banned will get access to matchmaking once again. Take heed though. Impacted players will be “one quit away from suspension” in Gears 5 from hereon.

Gears 5 has been a success story on both Xbox One and PC. Despite the years taking a toll on the franchise, the new installment has still managed to pack solid gunplay and capturing narrative. In our review, we hailed The Coalition for experimenting a lot with Gears 5 and getting it all right. There were obviously a few aspects that could have been better but perfection isn’t always necessary.

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