Game Talk Ep.10 – Hell Sizzles Pong Bread

Another week marks another video of Game Talk to check out some games that may not be as advertised as the big cheeses. Someone has to look out for the average Joe.

We start off with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III. That’s right; there’s already a third one of these and it will be here soon.

Check out some of the weird character classes in the video. You’ll likely not have seen a top-down slasher quite like this one.

Also make sure to visit the Izle Kickstarter. That campaign still needs a lot of attention. Izle was able to win some awards; it’s bizarre that the response has been this low so far.

As previous weeks, there’s a theme in our Game Talk episode. We take a look at some upcoming releases.

One launch title you may have heard before is I Am Bread from the makers of Surgeon Simulator. Yes indeed, the game allows you to play as a slice trying to get toasted.

Next week, Titan Souls will welcome all comers. With just one arrow and one hit, defeating giant bosses might get tricky.

For those who want more strategy in their life, Age of Wonders 3 will release its Eternal Lords expansion. With the second addition of the conquest title, you’ll be able to play with a bunch more characters.

At the end of the month, Steam will get a visit from Guns, Gore and Cannoli. That weirdly named thing is a side-scrolling shooter that has a 1920s theme, lots of explosions and maybe even a zombie or two.

Lastly, Pacapong is a free local multiplayer game you have to see. Every arcade classic gets rolled up into one grotesque abomination, but we’ll be damned if it’s not also a ton of fun.

As always on Game Talk, feel free to give us a shout if you saw some neat projects flying under the radar. We’re always looking for the next hotness.

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