Fortnite Update, Guided Missile Launcher Coming Soon

If you are not too happy with the Fortnite’s rocket launcher then we have something even better coming your way. What would be even better than a rocket launcher, no? Well, a guided missile launcher perhaps? Yes, you read it right, in the next Fortnite Update, the developers are adding a guided missile launcher to their battle royale.

In the game’s new update screen, the guided missile has recently popped up, which appears as you log in. Although this new weapon is apparently listed as “coming soon” as it is not yet live in the game, we can be sure that it will be available sometime soon.

Not sure how it will work, but since Epic’s tooltip reads “remote-controlled destruction from above”, what we can gather is that we would probably have to control those missiles from a viewpoint on the front of the missile itself.

Which would not be easy that’s for sure, as the player would have to plant himself in a single spot for a few seconds while her steers. Provided the players will be in the deadly world of battle royale, it would be a difficult thing to execute.

Although, if done properly it would certainly have a lot of damage, that is for sure. Be that as it may, the developers have not mentioned on when it shall be available.

Considering the regular updates Fortnite has been getting, it seems obvious that it could be available as early as tomorrow.

That said, it seems like Fortnite is a major hit on iOS. The beta version of Fortnite has been very popular the moment it went live.

Be that as it may, if you guys are looking for the mobile guide, of the game then we have that available for you guys. The mobile guide will certainly add some tricks up your sleeves.

Let’s hope that Epic Games keep the consistency with this Fortnite Update and add the Guided Missile Launcher soon enough.