Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Alien Artifact Locations Guide

As usual, there are five Alien Artifacts that the players can hunt this week as well. The Alien Artifacts will be available on the map by Thursday, August 12. This is the most convenient way to collect these purple canisters, as they consume minimal time. Here are all of the Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Alien Artifact locations.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Alien Artifact Locations

Now, we will guide you comprehensively about where you can find all five Alien Artifacts on the map and show you the exact locations. These are the locations for Week 10 Alien Artifacts:

  • Stumpy Ridge
  • Destined Dish
  • Weather Station
  • Sharky Shell
  • Shanty Town

Lets get started!

Alien Artifact #1 – Stumpy Ridge

The first one is towards the southeast of Weeping Woods. The players can find the Alien Artifact hiding under a tree, on the roadside, and right in front of a small hill. The image below marks the exact location on the map.

Stumpy Ridge

Alien Artifact #2 – Destined Dish

The second one is located near the satellite dish. After reaching the location as marked on the map, you will find a small container-like box adjacent to the dish. The Alien Artifact is inside this box.

Here is an image with a marker showing the location clearly.

Destined Dish

Alien Artifact #3 – Weather Station

This Alien Artifact can be found at the Weather Station. After reaching the Weather Station, one can see two buildings. The players need to go behind the smaller building, where they will find a small shelter.

The Alien Artifact is hiding underneath this shelter, so just destroy the base and get the Alien Artifact. The following image will help you reach the location.

Alien Artifact #3 - Weather Station

Alien Artifact #4 – Sharky Shell

The fourth Alien Artifact is to the north of Coral Castle, on an island. After reaching the island, you will see a huge building. Here, land right at the center of the building and move towards the left side.

On entering the left side, the players will see a small room right in front of them. The Alien Artifact can be found inside this room. Here is a marked image of the location.

Alien Artifact #4 - Sharky Shell

Alien Artifact #5 – Shanty Town

The last Alien Artifact is to the west of Slurpy Swamp. After reaching the location as marked by the map, the players can easily see the Alien Artifact outside a wooden building. Here is an image that marks the location clearly for you guys.

Alien Artifact #5 - Shanty Town

As the season is progressing, the players are getting closer to unlock the new Kymera skin customization. We hope that you will easily collect all the five Alien Artifacts this week, so you can get closer to the target.

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