Fortnite Nintendo Switch Port Is In Works, Iron Galaxy Hints

Recently there’s been a lot of rumors regarding Fortnite and its battle royale making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The rumor comes from a job listing from Iron Galaxy, which tells us that they are the studio working on porting Fortnite to Nintendo Switch.

Iron Galaxy is a famous studio who previously ported The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch. The job listing has confirmed the rumors regarding the Switch port in which the company is looking for a game designer and in the paragraph, Iron Galaxy has mentioned their work which includes Fortnite and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Iron Galaxy Studios is a well-established independent game developer who has partnered with the titans of our industry to ship more high-caliber games than any other indie developer. Our best known creative works are, the critically acclaimed Killer Instinct, and Divekick; which are complemented by our technically superb Fornite and Skyrim switch ports. We are looking for an inspiring self-starter to join our Iron Galaxy family and embrace the leadership role of Director of Game Design.

The job listing tells us that the company is working on the Fortnite Switch port and we might be closer than ever to have a look at the first Battle Royale game on Nintendo Switch.

It’s already been rumored before that the Switch version of the game will not have a substantial difference and will bring the same experience as other platforms. Fortnite Switch port will also feature cross-platform play bringing the players from Xbox One, PC, and PS4 together to play with their friends on Switch.

Well, these are all rumors, nothing has been confirmed officially but according to the job listing mentioned by Iron Galaxy, it seemingly confirms that Fortnite Switch port is in works and we might get an official reveal soon.

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