Fortnite Building Guide – Base Building Tips, How to Create Impenetrable Base

Fortnite Building Guide to help you build a strong base that should prevent your Storm Shield from being overrun in the game. Building an impenetrable base built around the Storm Shield is arguably one of the most important aspects of Epic’s Fortnite. In this Fortnite Building Guide, we’ve detailed some building tips & strategies that should help you construct a formidable fortress.

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Fortnite Building Guide

In our Fortnite Building Guide, we’ve detailed everything that you need to know about building, building tips, & more.

Fortnite Building Guide – Base Building Tips & Strategies

When it comes to building, the stone is hands-down the best starting material that you can use. While others may argue in the favor of using wood, we’ve some arguments against it:

  • Wood is Easily Destructible
  • Wood is Required in Other Crafting Recipes
  • You Must Remove the Previous Material before Upgrading

Since a wooden base won’t serve you long, there’s no point of using it, removing it, & then using better materials. Keeping this in mind, try to go with a stone base because the stone is not only readily available but is also stronger than wood. For starters, you need floor, walls, & a door to move in/out of your home base.

Once you’re done; build another floor, expand the home base outward, another set of walls, & an opening to trap offenders. Alternatively, you can also build half-walls that should force offenders into going through an additional layer of security. It also goes without saying that you need to build rooftops as well.

Finally, it’s important that you salvage & place as many traps as you possibly can. Placing the traps strategically should allow you fend off offenders barging in from different sides. Traps in Fortnite are fairly powerful & should definitely help you protect your home base in an efficient manner. If you’re still not satisfied, continue to expand your base in the outward direction.

This is all we’ve in our Fortnite Building Guide. If there’s anything that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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