Former AMD Product Marketing Director Joins Intel For Its Discrete Graphics

Intel is hiring former AMD employees and isn't slowing down and has hired another former AMD employee for Intel Discrete Graphics.

It’s no secret that Intel is working on a discrete GPU. Not only that, Intel has been hiring former AMD employees who worked on Radeon Graphic like Raja Kaduri. However, Intel isn’t slowing down and has hired another former AMD employee to work on Intel Discrete Graphics card.

This time around Intel has grabbed the former AMD product Marketing Director, Darren McPhee. McPhee announced it through his official Twitter account. It seems that McPhee will be acting as the Marketing Director for Intel Discrete Graphics card.

Intel is bagging up one of the most experienced talents in the GPU industry. This indicates that Intel is quite serious about its Discrete GPU. Speaking of which, Intel has already teased its upcoming Discrete Graphics card.

Intel teased the discrete GPU with a brief video. The Video gives us a glimpse of Intel Discrete GPU that Raja Kadori along with a team of developers and designers have been working on.

Furthermore, Intel has confirmed that its GPU will be out in 2020 and is “fully compliant DX12 graphics processor”. Other than that, the video doesn’t reveal anything else.

However, it is unknown if the Graphics card from Intel will be targeted towards gamers or designers and artists. We will know for sure once Intel properly reveals the GPU along with its specs.

Aside from this little tease, Intel previously revealed a prototype for its discrete GPU at IEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2018.

The prototype was based on the 14nm process and featured 1.5 billion transistors. Furthermore, the prototype featured a frequency range from 50 MHz at 0.51 volts to 400 MHz at 1.2 volts.

Aside from introducing its own discrete GPU, Intel has also introduced  GPU based threat detection. Intel worked closely with Microsoft and Cisco to enable anti-virus to use your IGPU to scan for viruses. Microsoft has already integrated the Accelerated Memory Scanning into its Windows Defender.

Furthermore, Intel’s 10nm+ Ice Lake CPU benchmarks have leaked online. The CPU has a base frequency of 2.60 GHz with 4MB of L3 cache. The benchmarks reveal that the upcoming 10nm+ Ice Lake CPU brings high performance.

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