Forager Secret Room Locations Guide

There’re a lot of secrets across the simplistic dungeons and levels of Forager. This comes in the form of Secret Rooms hidden behind breakable walls. We’ve put together a Secret Rooms Locations Guide to help you find all 14 Secrets Rooms in Forager.

Forager Secret Room Locations

While roaming around the different settings of Forager, you’ll be able to observe a cracked sprite. This is the indication of a Secret Room that lies nearby so proceed and break through the wall to gain access to this hidden area.

To break the wall and reveal the opening to this Secret Room, use a weapon with AOE damage.

This applies to all weapons that cause explosions including Bombs, Demon Swords, Demon Bows, and all rods except Necro Rod. It goes without saying that Normal Weapons like Pickaxes, Shovel, or Standard Bows.

Special thanks to Atherim for putting the crucial pieces of the puzzle together.

Ancient Tomb
1st Room
Just right of the entrance

2nd Room
Before you obtain the Thunder Rod, look for the big room where the wall’s located.

Room 3
The secret room is located above the patrolling Shocker enemies.

Skull Maze
Room 1
Just after the entrance, head straight to reach the hidden area.

Room 2
After you clear out the area with the five braziers, you’ll find the secret area as shown in the picture below:

Room 3
After reaching the above room, you’ll want to continue ahead until you obtain the Necro Rod.

Fire Temple
Room 1
The secret room is situated to the bottom right of the two large adjacent rooms.

Room 2
In the area just below the room where 6 light switches are present.

Room 3
Right above White Skull Key.

Room 4
Before you acquire the blue skull key, there’s a room on the right wing of a temple. This temple is blocked by vines so tear your way through and look for the secret room as shown below:

Crystal Cave
Room 1

Room 2
The top-most room on the left side of the screen.

Room 3
Directly below where you get the Ice Rod.

Wizard’s Tower
Room 1
Inside the Wizard’s Tower as shown in the picture below:

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