Forager Level Up Fast Guide – Quick Leveling Tips, How to Level Up Fast

In Forager, leveling up is really important since it helps you unlock new abilities and skills that result in increasing your strength and performance. In essence, you level up by completing different objectives and tasks. Our Forager Leveling Guide will tell you about the quick methods to level up and the ways by which you can earn double or triple the XP you were earning before.

Forager Level Up Fast

In Forager, you can craft “Tomes” that helps you increase XP much faster than usual. There’re 5 types of Tomes to craft a Tome you’d need first “Inscription” skill that will help you build an Inscription Table on which you can start crafting a Tome.

Each type of Tome helps you increase your XP by 15%. For example, if you get all the 5, you can boost your XP upto 75%. The following are the types of Tomes in Forager:

Tome Required Resources How to Get Unlocks
Moldy Book Thread (x4), Paper (x4) You will need the Inscription table to craft paper while you can acquire thread through the Sewing station. You will need the sewing skill in order to get the Sewing Station. Inscription Skill
Slimy Tome Leather (x4), Paper (x4), Jelly (x4) You can collect jelly by killing slimes nearby. Leather can be obtained at the Sewing Station Craft Moldy Book
Necronomicon Royal Clothing, Paper (x4), Bone (x4) You can obtain bones from skeletons. To obtain Royal Clothing you will need to learn Craftsmanship Skill. Craft Slimy Tome
Glacial Scriptures Fiberglass, Paper (x4), Crystal (x4) You will need to unlock manufacturing skills to craft Fiberglass at the factory. You will need to unlock Quarry by depositing a skill after which you can collect crystals. Craft Necronomicon
Hellfire Glyphs Fiberglass (x4), Paper (x4), Demon Horn (x4) You can obtain demons by eliminating them. Craft Glacial Scriptures

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