Forager Gold Farming Guide – How to Earn Gold Fast, Farming Tips

As you progress in Forager, you’ll realize that you need to expand your base as well as purchase equipment and items from the market. For these expansions, you’ll require Gold. In our Forager Gold Guide, you’ll learn about some quick methods to obtain Gold as easily as possible.

Forager Gold Farming Tips

Our Gold Farming Tips are divided into three different stages.

The first stage reveals the tips that can be used at the beginning of the game, the second stage tips and tricks can be used after you get halfway through the game, and the tricks of the third stage can be used when you are near the end of the game.

Early Game Farming

During the beginning, you’ll require 30 coins to buy a chunk of land. You can collect Gold Ores from the jungles and convert them to Gold Ingots using the Furnace.

Try to learn the Jewelry skill because it helps you unlock Amulets. Amulets are really useful as they help in increasing the resources you get from anything. Banking skill is also really useful as it helps you generate coins over time.

The Coinage skill rewards you with 4 extra coins every time you use the Forge.

Try to build Quarries after unlocking the Depositing skill. Quarries help spawn nodes that you can mine to obtain different valuable resources and minerals.

Finally, use Bows to remove obstacles while mining so that you could work faster and save valuable resources and energy.

Mid-Game Farming

Whenever you’re low on cash, craft items and sell them on profitable rates. For example, Royal Clothing sells for 330 while Steel can go for 60 coins. If you’ve got the Artistry skill, you’ll earn upto 25% more out of these sales.

You can use the sewing machine to craft wallets which help improve your overall income and you’ll generate more coins as you sell your items.

Another great method of generating easy money is learning the Automation skill along with building a Quarry and Mining Rod together.

The Quarry will spawn rocks while the Mining Rod will start mining them. In order to collect the resources, you’ve to visit this place.

There’re 5 types of Tomes that help *increase your XP by 75%*. In order to craft Tomes, you’ll need the Inscription skill along with the Inscription Table after which you can start generating extra XP.

End-Game Farming

You can use Power Plants to boost the production of your facilities.

You can use a combination of all the tricks you have learned above. This combination would help you survive in the later part of the game when it’s hard to perform even the basic functions.

Try to work efficiently and effectively so that you’d save precious resources and not waste any while producing maximum output.

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