For Honor Best Heroes Guide – Best Heroes for Attack, Defense, Agility

For Honor Best Heroes Guide to help you find the perfect hero for your playstyle whether you like to be aggressive, defensive, or an all-rounder.

For Honor Best Heroes Guide to help you find the perfect hero for your playstyle whether you like to be aggressive, defensive, or an all-rounder.

There are many For Honor heroes that you can choose from. Since each hero in the game has its strengths and weaknesses, you should try and choose one which complements your playstyle.

We’re currently working on in-depth guides for all the heroes in the game, but if you’re looking for heroes that fit specific playstyles, this is the place to be.

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For Honor Best Heroes

In our For Honor Best Heroes, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about heroes that are better suited to specific playstyles.

For Honor Best Heroes

For Honor Best Mobile Hero

These are the heroes who can get in and out of fights within the blink of an eye. When playing these heroes, you should put more focus on dodging or deflecting attacks instead of blocking.

For Honor Best Mobile Hero #1 – Peacekeeper
Peacekeeper is basically a close-quarter hero who can quickly close the gap with her Dashing Thrust. However, this attack is fairly linear and can be dodged with ease.

When playing as Peacekeeper, your primary objective should be to inflict Bleeding. Bleeding will cause your opponents to lose HP over time and can be inflicted using multiple ways.

For example, if you successfully dodge an attack, you can immediately press the Light Attack button to inflict Bleeding. Other than this, she can cancel her Heavy Attack into Light Attacks which also cause Bleeding.

You can refer to our in-depth For Honor Peacekeeper Guide for more information.

For Honor Best Mobile Hero #2 – Berserker
Another good hero who is good at evading and dodging is none other than Berserker. This hero is also short-ranged, but if you manage to close the distance, you can deal a massive amount of damage.

Berserker’s power lies in his Dance of the Paired Blades that allows him to land an uninterrupted fifth attack if your opponents fail to block your previous four attacks. However, if someone manages to block one of your Light Attacks, it results in a guaranteed Guard Block.

Due to this, you need to be careful about your attacks and make sure that you don’t get caught. You can also refer to our in-depth For Honor Berserker Guide for more information.

For Honor Best Attacking Hero – Raider

While playing as Raider, your main objective should be landing a successful Guard Break. If you manage to do this, you should be able to execute a successful Stampede Charge and deal a massive amount of damage.

Speaking of Stampede Charge, it has a fairly long reach and a guaranteed stun if you run your opponents into a wall. Once stunned, you should easily be able to land a number of attacks and push yourself to an advantage.

You also have access to an individual stun from the Stunning Tap or can transition Heavy Attacks into Stunning Tap. Lastly, there is Raider Fury which can’t be blocked by any hero and can be mixed into a combo attack or any chain.

We should have our in-depth Raider Guide in a couple of days so make sure to check back.

For Honor Best Defensive Hero – Warlord

Warlord in For Honor is capable of blocking in multiple ways which allow you to execute Block and Stab and get some fairly decent damage. If you think you aren’t good at dodging and evading your opponent’s attacks, Warlord is definitely the hero to try out.

While playing this hero, you need to pay close attention to your lack of range or you’ll get caught by heroes who boast better range than you. You can compensate this thing by countering your opponent’s attack using your Light Attacks.

Moreover, your Heavy Attacks are uninterruptable and can be used to trade blows with your opponents. It’s important to note that you’ll indeed receive damage from trading, but it’s something that you should try against the likes of Raider who likes to be on the offense.

Lastly, with Warlord, you have access to your Full Block Stance which allows you to block any attack regardless of its direction, but it can be dealt with Guard Breaks. Once you manage to block an attack, go in with the Block and Stun and you should deal some decent damage.

For Honor Best Hero for Beginners – Warden

With this hero, you need to learn how to execute a successful Guard Break. Executing a successful Guard Break is the part and parcel of playing as Warden.

Once you manage to land a properly timed Guard Break, you should easily be able to land guaranteed x2 Light Attacks. Even without a successful Guard Break, landing a successful Light Attack guarantees the second one.

The Shoulder Bash allows you to land a stun and can also be canceled at any time. If you use this to your advantage and mix things up, you should have no problems landing a successful stun.

Lastly, if you have good reaction time, you can always parry any Top Attack from any hero in the game using Crushing Counterstrike. Try to practice it and you should be able to good to go.

This is all we’ve on our For Honor Best Heroes Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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