Football Manager 2021 Best Young Wonderkids for Each Position

To help you out with selecting the best young Wonderkids in Football Manager 2021, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll...

To help you out with selecting the best young Wonderkids in Football Manager 2021, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll list the best Wonderkids for each position on the field.

The term ‘Wonderkid’ is used in Football Manager for young players who are total prodigies. If you’re looking to spend your money in the most efficient way to create the best team possible, Wonderkids are the way to go.

Football Manager 2021 Best Young Wonderkids

This guide will cover the best Wonderkids for each position in Football Manager 2021 that are 20 years old or younger.

There will be a lot of diversity in the values of these players from Football Manager 21, so you’ll have an option to choose from, no matter how high or how low your budget is.

Before you take a look at the Wonderkids below, keep in mind that there’s a bit of RNG involved in Football Manager 21 when it comes to youngsters. So, their stats may differ in each save.

Best Goalkeepers

Name Age Club Value (£)
Alejandro Iturbe 16 Atlético 9K
Ivan Martinez 18 Osasuna 28.5K
Manuel Gasparini 18 Udinese 70K
Stefan Bajic 18 Saint Étienne 110K
Matej Kovar 20 Man Utd 325K
Diogo Costa 20 FC Porto 1.1M
Illan Meslier 20 Leeds 20M

The biggest bang for your buck when it comes to goalkeepers would be the 16-year-old prodigy, Alejandro Iturbe. Even though he’s very young and is only valued at 9K, his stats are already quite impressive. And as he gets older, they’ll only get better.

Manuel Gasparini is another excellent goalkeeper to pick if you’re on a tight budget. His value has dropped down from 105K to 70K, but his stats are still really good for a youngster.

If you have a lot of money to spend, Illan Meslier is probably the Wonderkid you’re looking for. Just take a look at his stats and you’ll understand why this 20 year-old is already valued at 20M.

Best Left Backs

Name Age Club Value (£)
David De La Vibora 17 Real Madrid 7.25K
Riccardo Calafiori 18 Roma 155K
Liberto Cacace 19 Sint-Truiden 625K
Juan Miranda 20 Barcelona 775K
Noah Katterbach 19 FC Köln 1.1M
Rayan Ait-Nouri 19 Angers 2.5M
Alphonso Davies 19 FC Bayern 6.75M

The Left Back that stands out most from the list above is the 17-year-old David De La Vibora, who’s valued at just 7.25K.

This Wonderkid is an extremely versatile player with some decent stats, and he has the potential to develop very quickly as he gets older.

Another excellent Left Back that’s on the cheaper side is Riccardo Calafiori.

This 18 year-old can easily catch up to the rest of the players in the list in terms of stats within two seasons, if he gets the first team experience and develops properly.

On the more expensive side, the 19-year-old Alphonso Davies seems to be the best choice due to his great stats and versatility.

With his incredible pace and acceleration, he’ll basically be able to control the entire left flank by himself.

Best Right Backs

Name Age Club Value (£)
Malo Gusto 17 Lyon 50K
Pierre Kalulu 20 Milan 200K
Yan Couto 18 Man City 325K
Joshua Vagnoman 19 Hamburg 425K
Ethan Laird 18 Man Utd 4.7M
Sergino Dest 19 Barcelona 11M
Max Aarons 20 Norwich 16.5M

Malo Gusto shines as the best budget player, with a value of only 50K. This 17 year-old can play multiple positions, but his stats favor the Right Back position heavily.

If you can bump your budget up a bit more, Pierre Kalulu is the way to go. He has a lot of potential as a Right Back. If developed properly, he can give elite level players a run for their money.

If you’ve been keeping up with English football, there should be no surprise as to why Max Aarons is the best Right Back on the more expensive side.

He’s only 20 years old, and he’s already been a regular starter for Norwich for 2 seasons.

With his current stats, he’ll probably go to straight the starting line for most teams.

Best Center Backs

Name Age Club Value (£)
Davide Bettella 20 Atalanta 725K
Matteo Lovato 20 Verona 725K
Josko Gvardiol 18 Rb Leipzig 1M
Nehuén Pérez 20 Atletico 4.4M
Jean-Clair Todibo 20 Barcelona 5.5M
Ethan Ampadu 19 Chelsea 9M
Eric Garcia 19 Man City 20.5M

Center Backs are some of the most expensive players in the football world, so the cheapest players on this list are nowhere near as cheap as players from other positions. So, you can’t be too frugal here.

Davide Bettella and Matteo Lovato both make the list as the best budget Center Backs, at a value of 725K.

Both of these players have exceptional stats. They don’t really have any noticeable weaknesses, which is why they perform really well in this position.

Eric Garcia is the most expensive player on the list, with a value of 20.5M. With great stats on paper and 5 U21 caps to back them up, he’s a no-brainer for this position if you have the budget for him.

Best Defensive Midfielders

Name Age Club Value (£)
Dennis Lutke-Frie 17 Borussia Dortmund 16.5K
Marco Kana 17 Marco Kana 210K
Ousmane Duakite 20 RG Salzburg 350K
Nicolo Rovella 18 Genoa 850K
Manuel Ugarte 19 Fenix 1.2M
Gustavo Assunção 20 Famalicão 4.1M
Sandro Tonali 20 Brescia 11.5M

If you’re on a super tight budget, 17 year-old Dennis Lutke-Frie is the Defensive Midfielder for you.

Even though his stats may not seem that impressive at first glance, but keep in mind that he’s only 17.

He has a lot of potential, so within two or three years, he can develop into a top level Defensive Midfielder.

Marco Kana is another great budget Defensive Midfielder. He’s also only 17 years old, and his stats are already excellent. Imagine how good they’ll get a few years down the line.

If you have a large budget, Italian youngster Sandro Tonali is the best pick for a Defensive Midfielder.

He’s consistently been great for the past few installations in the series, and it’s easy to see why.

With exceptional stats and 5 U21 caps to his name, Tonali is one of the best players in this position.

Best Central Midfielders

Name Age Club Value (£)
Gavi 15 Barcelona 53K
Antonio Blanco 20 Real Madrid 140K
Ilaix Moriba 17 Barcelona 210K
Sergio Gomez 19 Borussia Dortmund 825K
Romario Baro 20 FC Porto 1.7M
Riqui Puig 20 Barcelona 2.6M
Eduardo Camavinga 17 Rennes 7.25M

The cheapest option on this list is Gavi. At first glance, his stats may not seem that impressive compared to the other players in the list, but when you consider the fact that this Wonderkid is only 15 years old, you’ll understand why he’s on this list.

The other players on the list are up to 5 years older than him, yet his stats still don’t seem that bad compared to theirs.

After a few years of development, this kid can become a really great Central Midfielder.

At only 17 years old, Eduardo Camavinga is already valued at 7.25M, and it’s very easy to see why. He has sensational stats for his age, which allow him to rival players twice his age.

If you have the budget for him, get him ASAP. He has the potential to become one of the best Central Midfielders in the world

Best Left Wingers

Name Age Club Value (£)
Nico Serrano 17 Athletic 66K
Shola Shoretire 16 Man Utd 100K
Rayan Cherki 16 Lyon 275K
Pedro De La Vega 19 Lanús 1.2M
Jens Petter Hauge 20 Milan 4.9M
Curtis Jones 19 Liverpool 8M
Vinicius Junior 20 Real Madrid 19.5M

Nico Serrano and Shola Shoretire are the cheapest players on this list. They’re 17 and 16 years old respectively, meaning they have a lot of time to develop their skills.

For how cheap they area, they already come with some decent stats, so they’re the best options for you if you don’t have too much money to spend.

Vinicius Junior is the most expensive player on this list with a value of 19.5M. At only 20 years-old, he’s already known around the world, thanks to the 4 U20 caps he’s acquired.

His stats are also incredible across the board, so not much more needs to be said about him. If you have the budget for him, make sure to get him as soon as you can.

Best Right Wingers

Name Age Club Value (£)
Renyer 17 Santos 55K
Emanuel Vignato 19 Bologna 800K
Tete 20 Shakhtar 2.6M
Harvet Elliot 17 Liverpool 5.5M
Francisco Trincao 20 Barcelona 7.25M
Reiss Nelson 20 Arsenal 21M
Ferran Torres 20 Man City 33M

17 year-old Renyer from Brazil is the cheapest player on the list, with a value of 55K. His stats aren’t that great straight off the bat, but give him 5 years and he’ll become an insanely good Right Winger.

Ferran Torres is the most expensive Right Winger on this list, with a value of 33M; but he’s worth every penny. He’s incredibly versatile and can play in many positions, but his stats favor the Right Wing the most.

Best Attacking Midfielders

Name Age Club Value (£)
Naci Ünüvar 17 Ajax 185K
Miguel Baeza 20 Celta 200K
Giovanni Reyna 17 Borussia Dortmund 950K
Reinier 18 Real Madrid 1.2M
Fabio Vieira 20 FC Porto 1.8M
Pedri 17 Barcelona 8.25
Phil Foden 20 Man City 38M

Naci Ünüvar is the cheapest player on the list with a value of 185k. He is only 17 years old, yet his stats rival his peers who have been in the football world for several more years than him.

This shows that he has immense potential, and within a few years can become an excellent Attacking Midfielder.

Phil Foden doesn’t need much of an introduction. His stats and accomplishments speak volumes. With 15 U21 caps, 4 U21 goals and sensational stats across the board, he’s completely worth his 38M value