First Star Fox Zero Review By Famitsu Shows an Amazing 35/40

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has has issued its Star Fox Zero review. A total of four reviewers have reviewed the game.

Star Fox Zero is a Wii U exclusive game developed by Platinum games which will be available to the players in a matter of days and every fan of the game is waiting for at least the first Star Fox Zero review to tell them how good it is. But that does not mean that reviewers have not got their hands on the game.

A Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has has issued its verdict for the long awaited game.

First Star Fox Zero Review is Better Than Expected!

The reviewers gave Star Fox Zero 9/9/8/9 a total of 35/40 which is a pretty amazing score. According to the magazine the game is dynamic, addictive and fun, with a pleasant grip. While the companion title Star Fox Guard got 7/8/8/8 a total of 31/40.

These reviews sure show that the hard work of Platinum Games has paid off. While the game has not been released for the consumers yet, but looking at the scores and reading the positive Star Fox Zero review will surely make the these last few days of wait unbearable for the fans.

You can also check out the Star Fox zero trailer featuring its companion game Star Fox Guard or check out the full list of planets in Star Fox Zero which contain secret passages spread across different levels with secret bosses at the end of these secret passages.

Star Fox Zero will release exclusively for Wii U on 21st of April 2016. Does the positive Star Fox Zero review help you decide what you want to do with this one?

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