Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Caspar Guide

Caspar is also another member of Scarlet Blaze in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He excels in using axes and other heavy weapons to smash through most enemy defenses.

The following guide will walk you through all there is to know about Caspar in Fire Emblem: Warriors: Three Hopes, including how to recruit him and his abilities and combos.

How To Recruit Caspar

Caspar can be recruited during “The Enbarr Incident” of “The Shadows of Adrestia” section in Chapter 3 if you took the Scarlet Blaze route.

When you are prompted to choose a branching story path, choose “Complete Reversal of Fortune” in the battle stage. You, however, should have picked Black Eagles as your allies back in Chapter 1.

Best Class For Caspar

The best class for Caspar is Brigand which provides access to a powerful axe and the class is extremely proficient in fast and powerful attacks. The class is strong against lances. The best part about brigand is that landing any attack will fill your gauge so you can use the class ability.

Best Class Abilities For Caspar

Lance Buster Lv 2
This increases damage against Lance wielders by 85%.

Warrior’s Wisdom
This gives Brigand classes a greater chance to get Stun Guage.

Warrior’s Ploy
This reduces enemy defense stats depending on the number of bars filled by Brigand classes.

Casper Unique Abilities

One for the Books
This action-type ability allows you to charge your strong attacks to increase range and damage by one tier.

Fists of Justice
This support-type ability increases your damage to enemy Stun Gauges.

Born Fighter
This tactical-type ability increases damage by 30% when ordered to seize.

Casper Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X Performs two massive sweeps with an axe to launch and knock back enemies.
Y Y X After two consecutive axe attacks, perform a strong attack to stun all enemies.
Y Y Y X Launches the axe like a whirlwind after three axe attacks to hit all surrounding enemies.
Y Y Y Y X Follows sweep attacks by summoning a sharp rock to launch enemies into the air.
Spam Y Performs a series of five sweep attacks.

Caspar Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
Being in the outdoors really makes me want to move. Say, how about a run? C’mon, just 20 miles or so! Declare that he won’t beat you.
Haha, whoops!… I’m not gonna doze off like someone we know. Suggest you get some exercise.
I don’t know much about the church of Seiros. Doubt whether he’s being truthful
I’m glad I don’t have to take over for my father… I’m not exactly what most people consider “lord material.” Say he’s in his element right now.
It’d be great to invite the whole team out sometime. Suggest you do it tomorrow.
Sorry are you bored? I wish I had something more interesting to say. Come up with a fun topic yourself.
You’re good at pretty much everything. I really respect that. Act cocky.

How To Use Caspar

Caspar excels in the use of axes and gauntlets. He has passable basic attributes across the board but is severely hampered by his base speed which is tied for the slowest start in the game alongside Raphael.

This, paired with his barely acceptable Speed growth of 45 percent, means he will trail behind most of your troops for the duration of the game.

Caspar has one of the highest health pools in the game. You can make great use of that by using his decent attacks and dexterity to smash through most enemy lines.

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