Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Armored Lord Class Build Guide

The Armored Lord class is an intermediate class that is exclusive to Edelgard, the heir of the Adrestian Empire and...

The Armored Lord class is an intermediate class that is exclusive to Edelgard, the heir of the Adrestian Empire and the leader of the Scarlet Blaze, in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

The Armored Lord class excels in using axes to make quick work of lance-wielding enemies. Since Edelgard uses an axe herself, the Armored Lord class further improves her skill set.

The following guide will tell all there is to know about the Armored Lord class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Use Armored Lord Class In FEW:3H

The Armored Lord class offers great defense and HP but at the cost of low mobility. That being said, once you have mastered the Armored Lord class, you (or Edelgard for that matter) will be one of the best tanks in the game. That should be enough incentive to stick to your axes and shields with the Armored Lord class.

Furthermore, never be afraid of sending the Armored Lord class to the front lines, especially if the enemy is advancing with lances. The ability to heal all nearby units will ensure that your units are able to survive the onslaughter with ease.

Best Units For Armored Lord Class

Edelgard (Black Eagles) is obviously the class best suited for the Armored Lord class since the class is exclusive to her.

Armored Lord Class Abilities

When an enemy commander is defeated, it restores HP to allies nearby.

Lance Buster Lv 2
It provides a one-tier higher advantage while facing opponents that are holding lances. It also increases the damage they take by 85%.

Armored Lord Class Combos

Combo Input Description
Y X By using your axe to strike enemies from a high using this combo
Y Y X You can smash all attackers with your shield while using this combo to drive them away.
Y Y Y X Using this combination, you may swirl your axe around your opponents to round them all up before striking them with it to knock them back.
Y Y Y Y X You may use this combination to fling your shield in the air before attacking your opponents with your axe.
Spam Y This combination allows you to attack your opponents with a barrage of blows before removing them with your axe.
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