Fire Emblem Warriors Master Seal Locations Guide

In this Fire Emblem Warriors Master Seal Locations Guide, we have listed the locations of all the Master Seals in Fire Emblem Warriors. Fire Emblem Warriors is all about hack and slash combat and upgrading your warriors to the max.

With the help of this FE Warriors Master Seal Locations Guide, you can easily find all the Master Seals, which are required for upgrading your units.

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Fire Emblem Warriors Master Seal Locations

Master Seals are very important in Fire Emblem Warriors because, with the help of them, you advance your units to the next class. You must find all the Master Seals to ensure that your units are upgraded to the maximum.

It greatly improves their efficiency in the game and increases all their stats. When you scroll over later on the level, you can check whether you have collected the Master Seal level or not. A check mark will mean that you have collected the Master Seal.

These Master Seals are located inside chests. These chests are located in different points of the game so you need to make sure that you get them. Sometimes you get these chests after completing certain levels and for completing certain objectives.

Keep an eye out for people holding the keys to these chests as you will need those keys for opening them. Locations of all Master Seals are mentioned below:

Master Seal #1
This is the first Master Seal of the game and the game will present it to you itself for that sake of introducing you to these Master Seals.

Simply play the game and reach The Dragon’s Table mission. Once you have beaten the Dark Mage at the end of the level, you will get your first Master Seal.

Master Seal #2
You get another Master Seal when you complete an alley rescue mission on the Invisible Ties History Mode map. You must be level 14 for this mission. For this mission, you need to clear out some enemies and defeat Validar’s mission.

Get an S-Rank and you will be rewarded with the Master Seal. If you are having trouble at lower difficulties, you can return when your level is much higher and this mission will be much easier for you.

Seal #3
For this Master Seal, you need to first unlock the chest in which the Master Seal is located with a key. You get this chest at the end of Chapter 8. Once the chapter is complete, you will receive the chest in which the Master Seal is located.

Your next task is to find the key. The key for this chest is found on a person that spawns later in the game. You will eventually meet with Ryoma and take some forts with him. Once done, the person with the key will spawn and you can unlock the chest for the Master Seal.

Master Seal #4
Complete Chapter #11 and you will get another chest. This chest contains a Master Seal. So make sure you find the key for it as well.

The key for this chest is found on a random officer. You will need to check the map often and grab it as soon as you find the officer holding the key. Open the chest as soon as you get the key.

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