Fire Emblem: Three Houses Routes Guide

Learn about all the different story routes you can take in Fire Emblem: Three Houses based on your preferences and choices.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses gives players multiple routes to choose from. The choice can drastically affect the storyline that the character follows, and the events play out in accordance with the player’s alliance.

This guide will walk you through all the different storyline paths your character can go down.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Routes

FE: Three Houses has a total of four routes that your character can follow. At the start of part 2 of FE: 3H, you get to choose between three houses Blue Lions, Golden Deer, and Black Eagles, each of which takes you down a distinct storyline.

Blue Lions and Golden Deer houses don’t give you any further choices in their respective storyline, and the story plays out as is. However, choosing the Black Eagle house gives you an additional choice, leading to a unique fourth path.

FE: Three Houses classifies the routes as:

  • Azure Moon (Dimitri’s Route)
  • Verdant Wind (Claude’s Route)
  • Crimson Flower (Edelgard’s Route)
  • Silver Snow (Monastery Route)

Azure Moon (Dimitri’s Route)

This route can be taken by joining Dimitri’s Blue Lions house, which has a heavily character-driven story. This path focuses mainly on Dimitri, his character arc, and his pursuit of revenge against Edelgard, so this path feels the most like any other traditional Fire Emblem game.

As you go along the storyline, you learn about the Kingdom and The Tragedy of Duscur, and you better understand Dimitri’s character and actions. You will also explore some parts of Fodlan’s immediate history and politics.

The Blue Lions seem more like a family; every member has the same goal in mind. This path is carried by its interesting characters and their interactions, making the goal they are fighting for seeming more personal.

Verdant Wind (Claude’s Route)

The Verdant Wind route can be picked by joining the Golden Deer house. This path sees Claude as the House leader and is the only route where he is given significant attention.

This route gives a third-person perspective on the war and is disconnected from the other routes.

Numerous mysteries regarding Fodlan and beyond are revealed while progressing the story, so this route helps provide lore and answer all the questions of Fire Emblem enthusiasts.

Overall, this 22-chapter route is carried by Claude’s charisma as the rest of the characters are relatively bland. However, it is quite interesting to see another perspective on the war.

Crimson Flower (Edelgard’s Route)

The Crimson Flower is a hidden route in the game after making a crucial decision during a certain part of the story. This is the shortest route in the game, being only 18 chapters as opposed to the 21 or 22 chapters of other storylines.

It sees you fully comprehend and understand the princess of the Adrestian Empire, Edelgard, and the motivations behind her actions.

How to Unlock Crimson Flower (Edelgard’s Route)

To follow this route, you must complete a few prerequisites before you unlock the option.

First, you must join the Black Eagles House, with Edelgard being their house leader. Then you must reach C+ support with her; this can be done by fighting alongside her in different battles, presenting the gifts that she prefers, inviting her to tea, and siding with her in arguments.

Once you reach C+ support, you learn more about Edelgard’s past and the circumstances of her survival. She would then ask you to attend her Coronation Event, where you would see her become the emperor of the Adrestian Empire.

After which, you face her in a battle as the Flame Emperor, at the end of which Rhea commands you to kill her. At this point, you must side with her and choose the option I must protect Edelgard.

Making this decision will lead you to join the side of the empire and fight alongside Edelgard, thus starting the Crimson Flower route. Note that every student recruited by chapter 12 will be your ally.

Silver Snow (Monastery Route)

The Silver Snow route is the Black Eagles House’s second and true route. This route can be taken by choosing the option to kill Edelgard when Rhea orders you to do so.

In this storyline, Byleth is mostly a spectator of the disputes between the houses as you dive into his background. You will also tackle the game’s main antagonists and reveal the church’s identity.

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