Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Shields

Have a look at some of the best shields you can wield in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the factors that make them the best.

Shields are optional additions to your inventory that help bolster your unit’s defenses and provide crucial added resistance. This guide will help you determine the best shields to equip in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

FE: Three Houses has a huge diversity of weapon types ranging from Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, and Gauntlets. While a great offense can help you defeat the enemy, great defense can allow you to survive that crucial hit.

After going through this guide, you can decide which shield best suits you.

Best Shields in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Shields are not explicitly categorized in-game in FE: Three Houses; however, they can be split into basic and advanced types.

Basic type shields merely provide added defense and resistance without any Special Effects. Shields with added effects are rarer, and you can acquire them in battle.

Below you will find the important things to consider while determining the best shields in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Protection to Weight Ratio

Shields have a weight and protection stat ranging from 1 to 6. A lower weight stat is essential to your unit’s attack speed, especially if their strength stat is lower.

Some late-game characters may be able to mitigate that, but the lower weight is still useful if you want to keep a shield handy and switch it with another item. Shields with a protection/resistance to weight ratio greater than 1 are preferred.

Aegis Shield

You can find only one of these holy shields in the game, which also happens to be one of the best. It gives 6 additional defense stats and 3 resistance with a 6 weight stat. It also provides a Special Effect that halves the damage received when used alongside the Crest of Fraldarius.

Ochain Shield

This sacred shield is another great choice to raise your defenses. It provides 6 defense with only 4 weight. Having a Protection to Weight Ratio greater than 1 it provides sufficient defense without weighing down the unit and slowing them down. It also restores your Health every turn while also negating enemy crits.

Seiros Shield

The Seiros Shiel provides 5 defense compared to having only 3 weight making it an effective option. Its special effect restores the user’s HP after every turn and halves the damage received by monsters. This ability arguably isn’t as useful, making Ochain Shield a better option overall.

Aurora Shield

This, along with Kadmos Shield and Lampos Shield, is arguably the best shield in the game. It provides 3 defense weighing 0 and additionally nullifies the user’s Flying-type weakness. The Aurora Shield can protect flying types from arrows and help units like mages who lack strength survive an extra hit without weighing them down.

Kadmos Shield

This, along with Aurora Shield and Lampos Shield, is arguably the best shields in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Providing 3 defense and weighing nothing, it boosts the defense of units with less strength without weighing them down. It additionally nullifies the user’s Armored-type weakness.

Lampos Shield

This is arguably one of the 3 best shields in the game. It provides 3 additional defense stats weighing nothing, so it can help units with less strength survive more attacks without weighing them down. It also negates the user’s Cavalry-type weaknesses.

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