Fire Emblem: Three Houses After Lecture Answers Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a lot going on in terms of the characters. At the end of each lecture, your students may present some queries that give you a deeper look into their personalities.

Providing correct answers to student questions after lectures in Fire Emblem Three Houses earn you multiple bonuses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses After Lecture Answers

Each month, Byleth can hold a lecture educating his students about different topics and subjects.

Occasionally, at the end of the lecture, students may approach their professor and ask questions. This situation arises at the end of day 1 of the lecture activity.

The nature of these questions has more to do with personal stuff rather than the lecture. They’re rather requests for good suggestions and advice instead of informational queries.

Upon answering the question you may earn a different Professor level with regards to how satisfying the student felt the answer was.

This also dictates the motivation the student receives after Byleth’s answer.

The breakdown of possible Fire Emblem Three Houses answers and their corresponding rewards are given below:

  • Best answer: Bonus Level XP (Professor), +50 Motivation (Student)
  • Middle answer: Normal Level XP (Professor), +25 Motivation (Student)
  • Worst answer: Normal Level XP (Professor), no motivation (Student)

Therefore, it’s essential to provide the most satisfying answer to the student’s question, benefiting both the Professor and the student.

The best possible answers for all the After-Lecture questions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are as follows:

Black Eagles Student Questions and Best Answers


Q: Pretty soon I’ll have eaten everything they have to offer in the dining hall.
A: You should enjoy what you got.


Q: Sorry, you should probably just skip me.
A: You just did.


Q: I wish for improvement of my lance skills
A: Try training with someone stronger than yourself (+25)


Q: When one professor lectures many students, some will inevitably have trouble keeping up.
A: Perhaps lectures should be optional


Q: You know how sometimes an ordinary girl can be more popular than an exceptional beauty?
A: Fancy meals are boring if you eat them every day.


Q: What would you do if you were given the task of teaching a subject you don’t understand?
A: I’d take the time to study the subject before teaching it.


Q: My brother always causes a fuss when I do.
A: Do it when he’s not looking.


Q: Any ideas as to where I might find some uncommon weapons?
A: Try asking a Blacksmith to help you craft your own


Q: Do you have any suggestions?
A: Make the experiment a “job” and pay them handsomely.


Q: It bothers me when they can’t tell I am a girl.
A: Pay them no mind


Q: I’d love to read them somehow but I don’t even know where to start.
A: Piece things together using linguistic clues.


Q: What steps can a commander take to minimize the loss of life?
A: Adopt new tactics that increase survivorbility.


Q: It’s horrible that one can only sing of peace in times of peace…
A: If we can achieve peace, those songs won’t be powerless.


Q: You should probably do something about it, for the sake of others!
A: Maybe we can appease the restless spirits somehow


Q: They are not flying as far and have less accuracy. What can I do be doing differently?
A: New bowstrings could help you shoot with more force


Q: Is there no way to break this cycle?
A: Take a short break to restore your spirit.


Q: I’m going to devote myself to making this more beautiful than ever
A: Let’s plant flowers to add some color


Q: My brother’s not one to ask for anything. I don’t know what to get hi
A: Maybe you should send him some books.


Q: The love lions, eagles, and deer equally. I don’t know what to do.


Q: What’s a guy gotta do to earn one?
A: You actually have one, but it’s too scary to say out loud.


Q: I’m going to need a tough-sounding title of my own.
A: The Executioner


Q: I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.
A: Strip her of her power so she can’t interfere with politics.

Blue Lions Student Questions and Best Answers


Q: Do you know any secret dating tricks I can use to win her heart?
A: Stay away for a while so she starts to miss you


Q: If I go to class after a big meal, I can’t help getting sleepy
A: Bring along a snack, just in case


Q: Why should I waste my time attending lectures?


Q: Turning it into something physical that I feel good about eludes me
A: Don’t worry about the end result, just keep practicing


Q: How can I conquer my fear?
A: Think of it as training for night marches


Q: His highness has eluded my attempts to learn his favorite food
A: Maybe he just likes everything


Q: I enjoy a good ghost story but never seen a ghost in real life
A: Maybe you need a ritual to summon one?


Q: I’ve been using various training techniques but lately, I feel lacking
A: Try focusing on one skill at a time


Q: People taking pity on me and I don’t like it
A: Have an honest conversation with them


Q: I want to talk to males and make friends. Do you have any advice for me?
A: You should have an honest talk with your brother


Q: One of your students is challenging to fight me.
A: Use the fight as an opportunity to teach him.


Q: What do you think I ought to paint?
A: Woodland Creatures (+25)


Q: I haven’t been able to see my brother and sister
A: Send books


Q: I cannot help but feel ill-at-ease about hiring sell swords
A: Mercenary or not, some people will betray your trust


Q: Fishing is what truly calms me
A: Write a story about fishing


Q: Soldiers have been unhappy with the food lately
A: Prioritize finding higher quality ingredients (+25)


Q: When I do nothing but fight, my spirits falter
A: Take a short break to do something that raises your spirits


Q: I’ve heard rumors about ghosts roaming the monastery
A: Maybe we can appease the spirits somehow (+25)


Q: The anniversary of (spoiler)’s death is coming.
A: The best bottle of booze you can find

Golden Deer Students


Q: Some people don’t even realize I’m a girl.
A: They’re wrong. Pay them no mind.


Q: I’m never gonna get full on some stupid leaves!
A: Eating vegetables will help your muscles grow.


Q: How can I be more accessible?
A: Sounds like it’s their problem, not yours.


Q: Do you have any tips for shaking tired feelings away?
A: Sleeping when you’re tired is best for you.


Q: I feel like I need a change of pace to reinvigorate me.
A: Try going for a stroll around the monastery.


Q: Who do you think I should get to tidy up for me?
A: Ask somebody who’s good at cleaning.

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