Fire Emblem: Three Houses Adjutants Guide

This guide will cover all the details about Adjutants in Fire Emblem: Three Houses so you can know how to assign them what bonuses they give.

Adjutants are supporting characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that you can use to help one of your main fighters. If you deploy a Unit with an Adjutant assigned to them in FE: Three House, they will have certain advantages over the enemy.

This guide will cover all the details about the Adjutant so you can know how to assign Adjutants and what bonuses you can get from them.

How Adjutants Work in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Adjutant is the same as the support unit mechanic from the Fire Emblem: Awakening. You only have to be at Professor Level C or higher to become eligible to assign Adjutant to the units in Fe3H.

The adjutants will not only help you in battles but also earn experience with you. Even if the unit dies, the Adjutant will not die, and you can assign it to some other unit in FE: Three Houses if you want,

How Adjutants Gain Support Points

In FE: 3H, adjutants will be gaining support points while fighting with the assigned unit. Assigning adjutants is one of the best ways of building the support level quickly in Fe3H. You are going to get three types of support. We will discuss all three of them separately.

Adjutant Follow Up

Adjutant can perform a follow-up attack during the battle once the enemy has finished attacking. Let’s say you are attacking the enemy and the enemy is doing the counterattacks; then the Adjutant will only attack the enemy after the enemy’s counterattack.

The damage to the enemy will depend on its adjutant stats and equipment. Almost all classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses can do an Adjutant Follow Up attack. However, the chances that an adjutant will perform the follow-up attack depend on the support level between the units.

The table below shows the support level and percentage of chances that an adjutant will perform a follow-up attack. The chances of follow-up attacks increase with the support level.

Support Level Percentage of Follow Up Chances
None 10
C 20
B 30
A 40
S 50

Adjutant Guard

Adjutant Guard will decrease the damage of the second attack, and it is not limited to that. It can even save you 1 HP if a second attack kills the assigned unit in FE: Three Houses.

It is also considered one of the most powerful actions an adjutant can perform in Fe3H. However, all classes cannot perform the Adjutant guard, and you will get limited options. All the classes performing adjutant guard in FE: 3H can be seen below.

  • Brawler
  • Armored Knight
  • Grappler
  • Fortress Knight
  • Great Knight
  • Armored Lord
  • Emperor

Like the Adjutant Follow Up chances, Adjutant Guard damage reduction also depends on the support level. Higher the support level, the more damage reduction you will get.

Support Level Percentage of Damage Reduction
None 10
C 20
B 30
A 40
S 50

Adjutant Heal

Adjutant healing is another action that an assigned adjutant can perform in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This can heal the deployed unit when HP falls below 50%.

The healing amount is the same as the heal spell. However, only four classes can perform the Adjutant Heal action in Fe3H, which can be seen below.

  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Bishop
  • Holy Knight

Activation of Adjutant Heal per battle also depends on the support level between the units. Different support levels and activation per battle you can get are given below.

Support Level No. of Activation Per Battle
None 1
C 2
B 3
A 4
S 5

Adjutant Bonuses

The Adjutant will gain three types of bonuses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses which are given below.

Experience Gain

The Adjutant will get the 50% of the experience gained by the unit they are assigned to in Fe3H. The experience gained included all types of experiences like healing, battling, dancing, and white magic spell.

Skill Gain

Regarding skill gain, the adjutants will get a full skill experience but not the authority experience. The Adjutant will also gain the class mastery experience. You can also boost the skill experience gained by equipping the Knowledge Gem.

Support Gain

When both the Adjutant and the assigned unit are fighting side by side in FEW: Three House, both will gain the support points. Support Points will help you in building the support level during the fights.

How to Assign and Use Adjutants

Assigning and using the Adjutants in Fire Emblem Warrior: Three Houses is a pretty easy task. At the start of the battle, go to the Unit selection option and select it.

Now go through the unit, and once you find the character you want to assign an adjutant, just hit the Y button. This will take you to the screen with all the assignable characters, which don’t include characters selected for the mission.

If you want any character selected for the mission, you must first deselect it. The cross symbol next to their icon indicates that they are assigned to the mission.

The number of adjutants you can assign depends on your Professor Level. You can take the adjutant number to three by increasing the Professor Level. This means you can assign three Adjutants in a single battle.

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