Fire Emblem Heroes Characters Guide

Fire Emblem Heroes characters are not only interesting but the game sees the return of many notable names including Ryoma, Fae and more.

Fire Emblem Heroes characters are not only interesting but the game sees the return of many notable names. There are a number of different characters in Fire Emblem: Heroes but what are the best ones?

Fire Emblem Heroes Characters

Weapon Type: Daggers

One of the playable heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes is Jakob. He first appeared in Fates and is a popular character. However, he isn’t strongest in Heroes but is probably the best starting character. Jakob is a strong non-attribute character.

Weapon Type: Bow and Arrows

Takumi is another popular character from Fire Emblem Fates. Takumi is making a comeback as one of the strongest characters in FE Heroes. For those looking for an agile, ranged character, Takumi is the way to go. Takumi is a great non-attribute character.

Weapon Type: Dragon Stone

If you played Shadow Dragon, you most certainly remember Tiki’s role in the game. Tiki is another playable hero in Fire Emblem: Heroes and is able to change herself to become a dragon using the dragonstone.

Once she does this, there is no stopping her until she does some serious damage to the enemies. If you are looking to play as the strongest character with a five star ranking, Tiki is the way to go.

Tiki is a major Flame attribute character.

Weapon Type: Sword

Lucina is a great character to play as which you definitely know if you got around to play Fire Emblem: Awakening. However, getting Lucina with her five star rank is not easy. It would take plenty of grinding and may some exploits to grab her a little early. Lucina is a strong Flame attribute character.

Weapon Type: Staff

If you like to play support and are good at healing, Sakura is a strong character to have. For those who don’t know, Sakura appeared in Fates: Birthright and is now a playable character in Fire Emblem: Heroes. A great non-attribute character.

Weapon Type: Spear

Hinoka is a great character and she first appeared in Fates. She is agile, quick, and one of the best characters in Fire Emblem. She uses a Spear that can cause significant damage.

Weapon Type: Dragonstone

Fae is similar to Young Tiki and can turn herself into a dragon as well using her Dragonstone. Fae is a strong Wind Attribute character.

Weapon Type: Axe

Another returning character from Fire Emblem: Fates. She uses an axe to deal damage is a strong Wind Attribute character in Heroes.

Weapon Type: Sword

Those who played Shadow Dragon will remember this character. Marth is a strong character to have in FE Heroes and is one of the most balanced characters in the game.

Weapon Type: Sword

If you like playing as the antagonist, not many games will allow you to be one. However, that is not the case with Fire Emblem: Heroes. The game allows you to play as none other than Ryoma from Fire Emblem Fates. Ryoma is a powerful Flame attribute character.

Weapon Type: Sword

With his advanced attack moves and ability to take more damage, Roy is a strong Flame Attribute character. He was the lead character in Binding Blade and he did pretty well for himself, didn’t he? Save up your orbs for Roy.

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