Fire Emblem Heroes Adds 3 New Heroes as Part of the ‘Happy New Year’ Update

Fire Emblem Heroes has been confirmed to receive three new heroes named Azura, Takuzmi, and Camilla as part of the game's new year celebrations.

Fire Emblem Heroes has been quite a successful project, performing much better than mobile renditions of successful franchises usually do. The tactical RPG pitted players against one another as they controlled a team of up to four characters across a map and tried to defeat their foe.

As one might have expected, there were a plethora of heroes available from the Fire Emblem Universe and there was a rich diversity between them in terms of what they could do, their movement restrictions etc.

Even though the game did not the critical acclaim that it was hoping for, it does have a very dedicated community of players and thus there have been numerous updates to the game from the developers.

In anticipation of 2018, there will be a ‘Happy New Year’ update to the game featuring new content. Nintendo has announced the update and stated that there will be a new Paralogue story which will come with the update. But the main highlight of the update Is in the fact that there will be three new heroes available for the players.

The three special characters go by the names of Azura, Takuzmi, and Camilla. They are voiced by Rena Strobber, Michael Sinterniklaas, and Misty Lee respectively. It will be quite interesting to see how the players work with the new heroes and what new strategies are made which utilize them.

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