Fire Emblem Engage Endings: Good And Bad Endings Guide

Like most role-playing games, you can get multiple ending in the FE Engage. Although unlike most RPG games, Fire Emblem Engage only features two endings, categorically divided into a good ending and a bad ending. Many players have found themselves bewildered by the conclusion of the game. They wonder if any set conditions or actions within the game result in a favorable conclusion.

If you are curious about what you can do differently to get your desired ending in Fire Emblem Engage as well as the prospect of paired endings like previous Fire Emblem games, you are in the right place.

Fire Emblem Engage endings

The player’s performance determines the game’s outcome and whether they will get the good ending of FE Engage or the bad one. The primary factor in deciding which ending you get rests on the final boss fights against Sombron, which takes place in Chapter 26, The Last Engage.

No choice or character recruitment will determine which ending you get, only your preparation and performance for the final battle.

Good ending

To have a good ending at the end of Fire Emblem Engage, the protagonist, Alear, must emerge victorious in the final boss fight with Sombron. To get the good ending in FE Engage Alear has to defeat Sombron successfully and come out victorious in the final battle.

By doing so, players will get to see a post-credit scene after the credits roll, where they must exercise a bit of patience to see the rewards of their hard-won victory. After the post-credit scene, you will see a final appearance of Alear alongside her romantic partner.

While the game does not offer paired endings, this final romantic partner scene is available to players who successfully navigate the final boss fight and emerge victorious.

Bad ending

It is not a guarantee that you will only have a good ending in FE Engage. Unfortunately, the bad ending is often the result of a player’s carelessness or lack of familiarity with the game. Please note that this section contains spoilers.

Now you might be thinking how a bad ending can happen, so it is pretty obvious in FE Engage. If you lose the final battle against Sombron, you will have a bad end. In the final battle, your job is to get back the time crystal, and if you fail to do a cutscene will be played.

This is different from the typical ending, and in this cutscene, Alear learns that all their allies are killed, and they are serving Sombron’s army. In the end, you will see Sombron’s ominous laughter.

If you find yourself with a bad ending, there is no need to worry. Simply load your saved game before the final battle and try again.

Are there paired endings in FE Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage has no paired endings in the traditional sense as has been the case with past Fire Emblem games. However, if you achieve a good ending, you can view the paired ending between the protagonist, Alear, and their chosen romantic partner.

There are no other paired endings between other characters as support rank caps out at A-rank except for the person who is given the Pact Ring. In conclusion, only Alear has the option to pair up with one partner at the end.

You do get journal entries about each companion, telling what happened to them after the final boss fight but that is it. The entries also mention the total battles that character fought, their level and class as well as most used emblem.

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