Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 21: The Return Quest Guide

The Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 21 sees you make a return to Elise, the place where you faced your very first defeat. The outcome this time around should be different as you return wiser and stronger than ever before to deal with all enemy reinforcements.

The battle this time around is a marathon as you’ll be met with countless waves of enemies trying to overwhelm you. But you’ll have to survive and end the battle finally by taking out Veyle, the final boss of the mission. 

Chapter 21: The Return walkthrough 

At the start of the battle in Chapter 21, you will automatically recruit Mauvier and he will join your cause. Your main strategy should be to thin out the sheer number of enemies you will be faced with. 

Clear out the enemies

Start by clearing the enemies to your sides and a few of the ones in front. We suggest avoiding the Wyrms for now since they would have a lot of mobility. But if you really want to fight them, Erika’s Twin Strike and Wrymslayer should be your go-to attack options. 

Keep all your squad members close by and have their health in check. You must avoid the scenario where they are left back and attacked by Wyrms. 

The unit leading your lines from the front should be formidable, and with heavy armor. We suggest using one with Ike’s Emblem. Their job will be to absorb all the incoming damage from the attackers and keep the attention of enemies off of your other squad members. 

Since you wouldn’t have to deal with Spell casters, this unit should be able to survive the damage easily. Allow your other allies to focus on clearing the sides before helping your tank deal with the assault from the front. 

Continue this until you have defeated the enemies in the starting area of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 21. 

How to survive the first set of reinforcements 

Now, the first wave of reinforcements will start to you spawn on your left and right. Immediately defeat the ones on your side and stay there to aggro the enemies of the opposite side.  

When the Fire Emblem Engage reinforcements come into your range, strike them down with a single powerful attack. If you are having trouble aggroing all the enemies within your range, use Byleth’s Goddess Dance to reduce the distance. 

After the first set of enemies is defeated, you will be met with a series of reinforcements in phases. These enemies are to be dealt with before turning your attention toward Zephia. 

You must continue to shred them down until these regular reinforcement troops stop spawning, at which point Griss will personally start to pursue your team. 

Take down Griss 

To take down Griss, you must get him closer to your team and surround him with your allies. You can either wait for him to approach you or you can make use of the Entrapment Staff. Once in the middle, you can focus the attacks of all your teammates toward Griss to take him down. 

Defeat Zephia 

Next, you must turn your attention toward Zephia. Reposition your team by placing them to the side of the arena entrance and aggro her by shooting the Asta Arrow toward her, which will make her approach you. 

Once Zephia begins her approach toward you she will summon the next set of reinforcements to take you down. There will be four Wyvern Riders who will enter the stage from the entrance area. Take them out before turning your attention toward Zephia. 

You can take down Zephia in the same way you did with Griss. Lure her closer to your team and surround her before taking her down with repeated attacks. You can either wait for her to approach you or use the Entrapment Staff.  

Lyn’s Astra Arrow should be your pick of attacks once again as it will destroy her revival stones and continue to stack decent damage on her. 

Once Zephia is defeated take your time to collect all the Emblem Energy you can from the battle arena before you start fighting Veyle. 

Fighting Veyle 

Slowly approach Veyle’s area and enter her attacking range. Upon entering this area, the third set of reinforcements, a continuing wave of Dragons spawns to take you down. 

Luckily enough, you can choose to avoid these dragons if you want as they wouldn’t approach you much further. 

Once you are within Veyle’s attack range, she will yet again summon another set of reinforcements, the final one to take you down.  

This wave of reinforcements is a combination of all the previous ones, so you’ll have to be on your feet to survive. 

At this point, you must go on the offensive and go for Veyle immediately. You can turn the strength of her magic attacks against her, by using Fliers. 

We suggest that you match her up against a Griffin Knight. Effectively and regularly use your Emblem attacks and skills to continue to maintain a high damage output. 

Try to finish her off in the very first exchange of attacks. Letting her survive even one additional turn will result in you being overwhelmed by the additional reinforcements. 

The fight must end quickly to avoid your allies from being taken down by surrounding, reinforcement enemies. 

Rewards obtained from completing Chapter 21 

ItemHow To Get
Spirit Dust Defeat Griss to drop the item. 
Caladbotg Defeat Zephia to drop the item. 
Carnwenhan Defeat the Thief next to Veyle to drop the item. 

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