Firaxis Announces Civilization 6: The Gathering Storm, Feel Nature’s Wrath

Firaxis, the creators of the famous Civilization series, has now released another trailer for a new expansion to the latest entry in the series. The new expansion, called Civilization 6: The Gathering Storm, will let you feel nature’s wrath, or tame it, as you choose how to exploit resources in the game.

If you’ve been following the news, you likely hear a good bit about climate change and how it will affect humanity, ranging from freak weather, to increasingly powerful storms, to rising sea levels and more. While it’s much harder to try and set back the clock in real life, Civilization 6: The Gathering Storm allows you to guide how your civilization makes use of natural resources.

Players will have to manage how they use power and natural resources, along with convincing other world leaders to follow suit, in order to stave off climate change and be able to keep your civilization from being ravaged by weather and other consequences of global warming.

Along with this, Civilization 6: The Gathering Storm will be adding in natural disasters, such as erupting volcanos and tidal waves, causing you to have to be more careful about where you put cities. After all, it’d be a real inconvenience to have your biggest city wiped off the map by a cloud of ash, or drowned beneath the ocean like Atlantis.

A new method of diplomatic victory, the World Congress, will also be coming. Players can earn points for diplomatic victories by working with other civilizations rather than against them, and helping to work against natural disasters.

And, finally, players will be receiving nine new leaders across eight new civilizations, along with the tech and civic trees being expanded into a new era, the Future Era. We can expect Civilization 6: The Gathering Storm to come out on February 14 of next year.