Final Fantasy XV EXP Farming Guide – Quick Farming Tips, Level Up Fast

Final Fantasy XV EXP Farming to help you accumulate EXP, tackle tougher challenges, and increase your stats in the game.

Levelling up in Final Fantasy XV is a little different from other role-playing games out there. You earn Experience Points (EXP) by defeating enemies, completing quests, and a little amount through certain dialogues.

Earning EXP, however, does not immediately enhance your stats. In order to do so, you must trigger levelling by camping, resting at motels, or by completing a chapter. There are multiple ways of earning huge amount of EXP without putting in a whole lot of effort.

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Final Fantasy XV EXP Farming Guide

For instance, Exploration Tree in the Ascension Grid allows you to earn EXP by simply cruising in your vehicle while listening to FFXV music or by fishing. This is something which you should consider doing if you want to level up fast.

In our Final Fantasy XV EXP Farming Guide, we have detailed the best possible ways of power levelling in FFXV.

How to Increase FFXV EXP Gain

In this section, I have provided some tips to help you massively increase your EXP gain.

  • Equip a Moogle Charm accessory for +20% EXP
  • Go fishing with the Reel Experience Ascension ability
  • Earn +50% EXP for winning a Chocobo Race with the Chocobonus Ascension
  • Cash in EXP with x3 multiplier by staying at The Leville Royal Suite Altissia
  • Eat the following cooked meals:
  1. Lasagna al Forno for +100% EXP
  2. Cup Noodles for +20% EXP
  3. Stacked Ham Sandwich for +50% EXP
  4. Royal Banquet Canape for +50% EXP
  5. Mother & Child Rice Bowl for +30% EXP
  • Alternatively, you can eat the following restaurant meals:
  1. Galdin Gratin from Galdin Quay for +10% EXP
  2. Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker from Wiz Chocobo Post for +50% EXP
  3. Maagho Lasagna from Maagho for +100% EXP
  4. Fine Caviar Canape from Maagho for +50% EXP
  • Finish off an enemy with Armiger Sagechain for +50% EXP
  • Have good grades in post-battle Report Cards
  • Unlock Chocobonus Ascension Ability and ride a Chocobo for +10% EXP every .35 miles

Complete Optional Quests

One of the best methods of earning EXP in Final Fantasy XV is by completing optional quests. There are quite a lot of optional quests to choose from – some of them require defending an NPC and some are simple fetch-quests.

It goes without saying that EXP earned by completing optional quests varies. If you are looking to earn some Gil, you should try Vyv’s Photography Quests. For earning EXP, Professor’s Protégé quest is pretty decent.

This is all we have on our Final Fantasy XV EXP Farming Guide. Is there anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments!

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