Square Enix Interested In Final Fantasy XIV For Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has revealed that they would bring their popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV to Nintendo Switch but under one condition.

Nintendo has been insistent on its claim that Nintendo Switch will have full third party publisher and developer support. However, the launch line-up for the console says otherwise and some of the biggest third-party games will not be coming to Nintendo Switch.

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However, not all publisher and developer has ruled out the possibility to bring their games on Nintendo Switch and Square Enix is one of them. Square Enix is bringing a number of its games to the console and now the company has hinted that Final Fantasy XIV might be included in the line-up.

During the Final Fantasy festival in Germany, Square Enix producer Naoki Yoshida told The Sixth Axis that Final Fantasy XIV for Nintendo Switch has not been ruled out. However, he added that in order for the game to be released for the console Nintendo has to make some changes.

The main limitation [is] that they absolutely don’t want to create a boxed off version of the game that can’t interact with the others. If that could be overcome then they’d be very interested in discussing a Switch port.

Square Enix is currently working on a number of Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy VII remake, DLC expansions for Final Fantasy XV and more. Square Enix has not revealed much on the Final Fantasy VII remake and the game’s combat is specifically being kept under wraps.

However, a couple of images from a behind the doors event have leaked, hinting at a combat system similar to Kingdom Hearts combat system.

Recently, game director Tetsuya Nomura explained that the development on the game is going very well and explained that due to some added work of the development for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III fans will have to wait a while for Final Fantasy VII remake.

Final Fantasy VII remake is an action RPG in development at Square Enix and will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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