Final Fantasy 7 Remake Valkyrie Boss Guide

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about defeating the Valkyrie Boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Valkyrie Boss

Let’s start by looking at some of the Valkyrie Boss’s Weaknesses and resistances to understand what to do against it.

Weakness / Status Ailments Lightning, Wind
Lesser Resistances Stop
Greater Resistances Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage
Immunities Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Berserk
Absorbed Elements None
Rewards Cog Bangle, 1200 Gil, 1200 Exp

As given in the Valkyrie Boss notes, the first thing you are recommended to do is equip yourself with Wind and lightning Materia since these exploit its weakness and fill its stagger gauge very quickly.

Furthermore, utilize Star Pendants and Bandana to get immunity against Sleep or Poison for the fight.

Phase 1
Initially, the place where you will be facing the Valkyrie has some Shinra boxes lying around and places to take cover.

Ideally, you’d want to destroy the Shinra boxes while also managing to stay in cover to avoid the Valkyrie’s bombardment,

Don’t overexpose yourself for the boxes but take the time to retaliate when you can.

The Valkyrie boss in FF7 Remake will use its Mark 99 Anti-Fiend fire rounds and Mark 98 cannons on you in a pattern. So, you have to remain in cover as much as possible and using the openings to hit it back or get boxes.

Have Barret focus on damaging the Valkyrie and cast Haste on Cloud and Tifa so that they can get those boxes or get fast ATB Charges.

With the help of ATB charges cast Wind and Lightning, which will cause more damage to the Boss. This will also help in filling its stagger gauge quickly.

Valkyrie will also drop Napalm while going from one side to another. It’s a bit risky, but you can actually get in a few hits as it crosses over.

After a while, a cutscene will be played, which will take you to a larger ground with no place for cover. This starts phase 2 of the fight.

Phase 2
As phase two starts, Valkyrie gets some annoying abilities, which include some damaging abilities like Drill Dive, Firewheel, Bombardment, Limiter Override and a debilitating status ability called Antipersonnel Gas.

If you equipped the bandana and star pendants, you’d have immunity to Antipersonnel Gas’s Poison and sleep effects.

In this new boss arena, Cloud and Tifa can contribute more to damage output as compared to phase 1.

You can attack with Cloud and use your ATB charges to heal the Team. You can also cast Thunder at the opportune moment when the Boss is out of range.

During Valkyrie’s Drill Drive attack, it will spin in place and hit the ground, which will cause huge damage. Cast your heals when Valkyrie goes for this move.

Something to remember is that right after Drill Dive, Valkyrie likes to use  Firewheel. It’s an attack in which it uses its guns and attacks while rotating like a wheel.

During that attack, you can use the Punisher Mode, which will significantly increase the Stagger gauge.

After you bring the Valkyries health down to around half, the fight will enter the third and final phase.

Phase 3
The Valkyrie in FF7 Remake will eject an attack satellite once its health gets down to 50% and enter Limiter Overdrive. This satellite will fire blue beams onto the arena, which targets party members.

However, you can use this homing property of the laser to your advantage.

By staying close to the Valkyrie, the satellite can hit the Valkyrie with its beams. If done successfully, it will inflict the Pressured status.

Use the Thundara spells for staggering it. Once the Valkyrie is staggered, Thundaga is the highest damage ability to use on it while it’s down.

Continue to heal your team members with healing spells. Use the Lightning Magic once the Boss is staggered and you will come out victorious.

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